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Trump and Kim Blood Brothers

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1 Trump and Kim Blood Brothers on 6/12/2018, 8:38 am

Here's where we are after Trump's inglorious departure from the G7 meeting and his bizarre lovefest with Little Rocket Man:

A. For Trump's growing portion of deplorable America: Russia and N. Korea are the good guys.

Canada, Great Britain, France, and the rest of our former NATO allies are the bad guys.


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2 Re: Trump and Kim Blood Brothers on 6/12/2018, 10:41 am

Yeah, Trump's already saying he "trusts" Kim.

So, in essence, Kim said some "nice things" and flattered Donald, and, insecure schoolgirl that he is, Donald's ready to believe whatever Kim tells him.

We have the easiest-to-manipulate president possible. His buttons are all big and brightly lit up and ready for anyone who feels like pressing 'em. If you want something, tell him he's smart 'n' pretty 'n' special, and he'll let you set up your missile bases in Omaha. Tell him he's dumb and he'll hate you forever and tweet against you. ( Unless you're Robert DeNiro. He's terrified of Robert DeNiro. Mostly Trump likes attacking women. He thinks he can beat them up. I'm not so sure, though... the guy's a giant soft circus peanut, a woman with some training could compromise his flabby skull without spilling her drink.)

Putin knows how to remote-control Donald, and it looks like Kim does, too. And Donald wants them to like him because he thinks they're "tough." Want Donald's respect? Just rule like a dictator and rack up a long string of human rights abuses. That gets him wet and will have him skipping along beside you doin' the "you 'n' me is pals, ain't we, Spike?" bit. Be a decent, principled leader, like they have in Canada, and he'll see you as "weak" and try to bully you. He has no clue how real strength works, because he's a dumb person raised by a weak, bullying father. He always has to hit back, and he always has to try to play "alpha." Unless he's around a real alpha, and then he crouches and piddles and hopes they'll say "nice things" so he can hang around 'em.

Donald Trump is a remora. He'd like to be a shark, but the best he can do is suck onto the bigger boys and gobble up their leavings.

If he can't be Scut Farkas, Trump's always willing to be Grover Dill.

Kim's got a long history of lying, which is why the U.S. quit bothering to deal with him. But Trump was what North Korea was waiting for -- a vulnerable, needy poser they could manipulate.

I hope some good will come out of this. But I'm not trusting Kim at all, and I think he ended up with the best of the deal by far. He got what he wanted, he made the president of the U.S. dance to his tune, and all we've really gotten is the okey-doke. If we're lucky Kim will decide to actually live up to some of it, but, the dude's still a murderous dictator who even Dubya recognized as "starving his folks." Not the kind of guy I'm comfortable with the U.S. buddying up with. But, the mileage Trump's authoritarian-slave-cult gets may vary. What do I know, I still think we should be friends with Canada...

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3 Re: Trump and Kim Blood Brothers on 6/12/2018, 5:42 pm

If you‘re Kim Jong Un and your entire experience w America is Donald Trump & Dennis Rodman, would you give up your nukes? - Philippe Reines

If you believe that Kim Jong-un will do what Trump says he will, I have a Wall to sell you that Mexico is going to pay for.- OhNoSheTwint

President Trump says he got North Korea to commit to destroying a major missile testing site but "we didn't put it in the agreement because we didn't have time." - Ryan Struyk, CNN

Trump on Kim Jong-un, a murderous foreign dictator, after being given his word: I trust him.

Trump on Barack Obama, a president of the United States, after being shown his birth certificate: I still don’t believe he was born in America.

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