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"Cultural appropriation" run amok !

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1 "Cultural appropriation" run amok ! on 5/25/2018, 7:51 am

LOL! Talk about reinforcing stereotypes ....

Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who posed as black, charged with welfare fraud

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PkrBum wrote: RACIST..!!

Ain't she, though !!!


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Nobody would hire her after all the publicity.

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Vikingwoman wrote:Nobody would hire her after all the publicity.

Maybe she can switch sides and become a "convert" to the alt-right .... where right is white (or something like that?) Oh, no wait. They got that thing about once you come back you never stay black. No ... that's not right.... how does that go again? Laughing

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That's what you belong to, don't you?

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Vikingwoman wrote:That's what you belong to, don't you?

Who, me? An alt-righty, white-supremacist type? Shocked

Oh, my dear Brynhildr, sheath thy sword .... you apparently don't know me at all! Laughing

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I only know what you say and you certainly don't believe in equality... per you.

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