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The 40 most breathtaking lines from Donald Trump's NRA speech

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By Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large

Updated 8:21 AM ET, Sat May 5, 2018

Embarrassing, incoherent psycho-babble.

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Whatever one might think of their agenda .... you gotta admit the NRA is one very effective lobbying organization.   I bet the anti-gun groups are fairly green with jealousy of that.

I took the NRA hunter/gun safety class in my public school when I was a kid ... I think it was about 6th grade.  Two hours a day in the afternoon Mon-Thur and all day Friday at the range.   They let us bring our personal .22 rifles to school to take to the range on Friday if we wanted to use them instead of the one's provided.   (I actually still have my target .... found it in an old box of childhood stuff in the back of a closet a couple of years ago)

Deer season when I was in high school .... every other dude had a deer rifle hanging in the back window of their pickup in the school parking lot.  Even a few girls did.    It was a different time and place, I s'pose?  

Anyways .... IMO, we don't have a gun problem in this country ... we have a people problem.  And one of those "people problems" is this fad a lot of folks seem to have nowadays of thinking they have to own as many of the biggest baddest guns they can afford, regardless of whether they actually have a use for it ... I bet there's more AR-15 type rifles right here on my suburban white-bread street in Pace than there were in the whole county where I grew up.  The other "people problem" we have is that of a lack of solid/sane/mature/responsible male role models for young men in this country .... both in-person and in our various forms of mass media. What's the solution for that? I don't know ... a cultural shift maybe, but I figure that's not likely.

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When I got my first deer rifle it was a 30 30 and i was the envy of all of my friends. They all had their dad's hand me down .30 cal carbines. Fine rifles tho and could hold as much ammo as the scary ar15. With certain projectiles probably more lethal than the ar inside 100 yards... maybe a little further.

A shotgun in one of these scenarios... if the person can load worth a damn... is a scarier gun than either.

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Here's a quote from FB: I'm not identifying the poster, but she's from Pensacola:

1. put a TAX of 50% on all gun/ammo/gun show sales. - Money to be used for victims, their families, and mental health in schools 2. Require all gun owners buy Liability Insurance. - again the money for the Victims, etc. 3. Revoke the NRA Tax Exempt Status (non-profit status) and make them pay taxes - money to mental health programs, public service announcements raising awareness to watch out for mentally unstable gun owners, etc. This is a start that we had make happen today. Next, tackle enforcing gun laws, background checks, banning assault weapons, raising the age of gun ownership to 21, etc.

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