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Our military is our worst enemy!!

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1 Our military is our worst enemy!! on 4/28/2018, 7:05 pm

Read the following article and tell me if you disagree!

I'm in full agreement with the line: we haven't fought to defend America since 1945. If we defunded the U.S. military budget by 60% we'd still have the largest, best equipped army in the world. Reality.

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We employ over a million civilian contractors alone... most at the Pentagon.

I refuse to believe that a private can't be taught to push a pencil.

The entire system and standing army needs to be cut by half and the focus turned to tech and training

Then wewe need to turn to entitlements. Unless severely disabled... humans don't need a nanny state.

Quit school,  drink yourself to death... smoke... overdose... breed until you can't feed yourself or your children.

Bad ideas fail. That's nature.

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