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Good job, President Trump !!

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1 Good job, President Trump !! on 4/21/2018, 10:08 pm

Way to go, Big Don !!!   Just pushed Mexico right into a NAFTA-esque trade agreement with the EU.  

Or maybe this is just some part of 14-dimensional Art Of The Deal srategory that's so far over my head no can possibly understand but The Bigly One himself?  (that's what my Trumpublican friend just said .... somehow, I don't think it's that    silent   )

The European Union and Mexico on Saturday announced a major update to their existing free trade pact signed nearly two decades ago, a development that will allow almost all goods, including agricultural products, to move between Europe and Mexico dty-free.


Fredrik Erixon, director of the European Centre for International Political Economy, a Brussels-based research organization, said that Mr. Trump’s aggressive posture on trade had pushed Mexico toward negotiations with Europe.

The E.U. has for at least 10 years been knocking on the door of Mexico to upgrade the trade agreement, and it is only very recently that they have come along,” he said. “It’s perfectly obvious that what has prompted them to change their minds is Donald Trump.” ...


The European Union now has close ties with both of America’s Nafta partners, after a new pact with Canada went into force in September.®ion=Footer&contentCollection=The%20Trump%20White%20House

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2 Re: Good job, President Trump !! on 4/23/2018, 10:51 pm

Add "make Melania smile" to the long list of things Obama can do that Trump can't. - Jeff Tiedrich

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3 Re: Good job, President Trump !! on 4/24/2018, 12:16 am

Obama promised to renegotiate NAFTA too... how did that work out?

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