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Coffee Cup under new ownership - yikes!

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According to the PNJ, it's been purchased by David Hambrick, owner of Jaco's Bayfront Bar & Grille (UGH!!!)  and V Paul's Italian Ristorante (any good? never been there).   He reportedly says he's not going to change anything.  Damned well better not screw it up!!!!!!!!!!!

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We checked it out this morning -- so far, so good, though our favorite manager is gone "to do other things." Place was packed, service and food still very good.

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I hate Jaco's. Hope they don't ruin a landmark restaurant.

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I know we're in agreement on Jaco's, Joani. The pits. But if they ruin the Coffee Cup they're asking for big trouble. Wink

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My brother was in town last week...breakfast at the Coffee Cup. It was very good.

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