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1 sodding on 3/5/2018, 11:46 am

Last winter I was throwing sod after surgery and started bleeding in the scrotum and I cut back on the physical work. However, my wife and I could lay a pallet in a half hour if we were fresh, but usually an hour. We just got a bid to lay a pallet of sod for 100 a pallet. The sod will be a hundred and some change, but heck I was making fifty bucks an hour laying sod last winter, and thought I was getting good exercise until I over did it. Now two 65 year old people laying sod is slow motion so I am thinking a young guy can lay a pallet an hour.....that is a hundred an I wonder what he is paying his guys.

If anybody has had recent sodding done and was happy with the work, let me know who you used. thanks.

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