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The NRA is now a right wing political organization. Gee, I like guns but I'm a democrat ...

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Wayne La Pierre's speech yesterday at the far far right convention makes it perfectly clear that the NRA is now a wing of the republican party. Until now I didn't know that the NRA was a political organization. I was under the mistaken perception it was about gun safety, marksmanship and shooting sports and I was a democrat and a full fledged NRA member a couple of decades ago.

Now, the NRA leadership refers to me as an "elitist" who doesn't care about the gun slaughter of students on our campuses.

What Mr. La Pierre made very clear in his speech, is that democrat socialists like me are no longer welcome.

There are a lot of republican senators and congress people who are taking cash from the NRA and by so doing, signalling they are serving the interests of the NRA rather than their constituents.

And there are a lot of big corporations who offer major discounts to NRA members. That's political favoritism at work. AVIS, Enterprise, Budget and many more companies give special breaks to selected customers because of their NRA political affiliation. Another unfair political target to take down!!!

Let these bastards know how you feel about them favoring far right political activists -- NRA members.


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A major car rental conglomerate which operates three prominent national brands is ending its corporate relationship with the National Rifle Association, as backlash grows in the wake of the Parkland mass shooting.

Until Thursday, Enterprise Holdings, which operates Enterprise, Alamo, and National, had a partnership with the NRA to provide discounts to members of the gun lobby. The discounts were available to NRA members once they paid the $40 annual fee, and the companies were among the 22 corporations offering discounts and “five star savings” to the gun lobby’s members.

The announcement follows close on the heels of First National Bank of Omaha’s decision to end its relationship with the NRA. For more than a decade the bank has offered NRA members specially branded Visa credit cards, but in a tweet Thursday the bank said that “customer feedback has caused us to review our relationship with the NRA.” The bank did not respond to multiple inquiries by ThinkProgress asking for a more detailed explanation of its decision.

Also, please note that Enterprise, Alamo and National ARE ALL THE SAME COMPANY!

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