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Trump now says all 4,315 women who say they had illicit sex with him are liars.

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The Playboy Model was given a private tour by our President, of two of his residences where she was shown wife Melania's private bedrooms. This was when Trump's son Barron was still an infant.

And he now has the full support of the Republican party.  Weren't they the party who ran on morals and family values?  And what about all those Evangelicals who stand by their man even when his moral depravity is undeniable.

So much for Evangelist Christian and Republican moral values ...

Why am I not surprised?

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Donald Trump is a crude selfish silver spooner who really thinks he is all that with the women, and that he has spent his life running away from the reality that his mother was an immigrant who worked as domestic help. It has driven his false arrogance, and shaped his opinion of women. I have a feeling Donald has mommy issues.

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Cadet Bone Spur seems to have a problem with women. He feels that he was rejected by his own mother. He probably doesn't have a belly button. Breast fed by his daddy.

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