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13 Named in Russia Indictment by Special Counsel in First Charges on 2016 Election Interference

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WASHINGTON — "The special counsel investigating Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election charged 13 Russian nationals and three Russian organizations on Friday with illegally using social media platforms to sow political discord, including actions that supported the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump and disparaged his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

The indictment represents the first charges by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, for meddling in the 2016 presidential election — the fundamental crime that he was assigned to investigate.

In a 37-page indictment filed in United States District Court, Mr. Mueller said that the 13 individuals have conspired since 2014 to violate laws that prohibit foreigners from spending money to influence federal elections in the United States..."

(read more, including the indictment, at NYT:)

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That's weird... you left out this part:  Rolling Eyes

Mr. Rosenstein said repeatedly that the indictment does not allege that the Russian operation changed the outcome of the presidential election.

Even though the Russians recruited and paid Americans to help them stage political rallies and promote political candidates, he said, the indictment also does not allege that any of the Americans knowingly conspired with the Russian operation.

“There is no allegation in this indictment that any American had any knowledge,” he said.

The nyt also left out that they had promoted Bernie and anti-trump dogma.

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It's pretty hilarious watching Trump and his pet dingleberries trying to yell "It doesn't say there was collusion!" as if these indictments were the end of the investigation. This is just another chapter in a very long book... and I'm purty damn sure they aren't gonna like the way it ends, because collusion ain't nothin' compared to money-laundering. This thing's showing signs of moving from just impeachment into RICO turf.

Another thing Trump and his cult don't seem to understand about the investigation: this was never designed to prove that the meddling affected the outcome of the election. It was a propaganda blitz -- you can't prove that propaganda changed an election one way or another, the same as you can't prove that advertising is what makes you buy products... but you'd have to be a truly special kind of a moron to deny that, yeah, it likely is a factor. Nobody likes to think they're being manipulated, but... c'mon, now. I know something like that can't be absolutely proven, but you fill people with enough misinformation, it does affect the decision-making of some of the stupider ones. You can disbelieve that if you insist, but you'll be a sillybunny. Very Happy

One thing it does prove that there was a propaganda campaign, and it came from Russia... which is something that Trump keeps wanting to deny.

Now Trump's faced with the fact that Russia did monkey around... it wasn't "Ji-nah" and it wasn't a fat guy sitting on his bed (unless maybe the fat guy's name was Boris and his bed's in Vladivostok). So now is he going to support sanctions? Or is he going to admit that he doesn't give a damn if Russia attacks our democratic process, because when they do it benefits him? Trump might finally have to take some action and stop sucking up Putin's spit... and I'm not sure he's got the spine for that.

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More to come. The prosecutor is laying out the conspiracy. It is amusing that a known killer of American troops in Afghanastan, the Taliban, while Russia continues to attack and undermine America, and this conduct is dismissed like the Russians have not been feeding North Korea Nuclear expertise for the last ten years and helping the Taliban kill Americans. It is good to know our traitors among us. More indictments to come.

How do you measure the damage that a paid shill like Markle has done when spewing the canned Russian type propaganda he was provided which undermined America. I knew that Mueller had to release more indictments soon, as he has his trap set, and I think he will be able to go after the likes of Trump Jr. next. Traitors with silver spoons.....splendid. Let Trump try to pardon his Russian buddies.....the Supreme Court cannot wait to rule on presidential pardons.........checkmate soon.

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zsomething wrote:It's pretty hilarious watching Trump and his pet dingleberries trying to yell "It doesn't say there was collusion!"  as if these indictments were the end of the investigation.   This is just another chapter in a very long book... and I'm purty damn sure they aren't gonna like the way it ends, because collusion ain't nothin' compared to money-laundering.   This thing's showing signs of moving from just impeachment into RICO turf.  


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There was collusion. Jr. proved the same. Rotten to the core. The same folks who want to blame the FBI with Governor Scott, yet ignore local and state law enforcement visited the man over 30 times and clearly in their reports said the kid was mentally Ill and was wanting to buy a gun. Alternative facts have just become the model. Thom Hartman says Reagan busted this nation in regard to give aways to the rich, and running up the debt, and the same folks go.....well it was only 200 percent........all the while talking about a few dollars more while the ultra rich got 80 percent of the same with the same folks saying fake news.

The national enquirer pays over a hundred thousand to silent another illicit affair by trump, and these bastards want to talk about fake news. Well fake news is not recognizing that military weapons are killing children....over and over again and Ted Cruz, and all the people who are cleverly trying to put up a smoke screen about if only we had competent law enforcement people would not die....balderdash........I will buy the same after five years of a military weapon ban, and comparing the carnage of the last five years to those five years......people are dying and that bastard Scott wants to blame the FBI when State and local law enforcement had over thirty contacts with this person. It remains far too simple for American citizens to get military weapons and shoot children......and like those who fought air bags and seatbelts because people will drown, the simple reduction in auto deaths tells the whole story that auto safety and gun safety is not a zero sum game but that logical and legal regulation of military weapons will reduce the carnage.

My buddies who would bring their automatic weapons to our skeet shooting contests like little boyz with toyz think nobody can take those weapons away....sorry the supreme court has been firm......guns can be regulated.

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But trump for more than a year said it was ''FAKE NEWS'' and he never lies. Right?

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Oh, my!

Turns out it is possible to overstate the impact the Russians had on our last presidential election. According to the latest Mueller indictments, the Russian government spent as much as $1.25 million dollars a month to influence the 2016 elections. Imagine! If they had kept that up for only 12 and a half years, they would have almost matched what Jeb Bush spent before dropping out of the primary races in February. After spending $150 million, Jeb had managed to win the support of most, but not all, of his extended family. His mother remained on the fence.

As far as was publicly known by last November, a year after the election, Russian agents had spent $145,000 for sure, maybe $200,000 on Facebook ads designed to influence the election. All they had to do was keep that up for 705 more election campaigns and they would approximate what Hillary spent on advertising in 2016. No wonder she’s convinced they stole the election from her.

Then there was all that “hacking.” The Russians “hacked” the computers of the Democratic National Committee and posted embarrassing emails on WikiLeaks — embarrassing to one John Podesta, a familiar name to several hundred American political junkies. The thing that embarrassed him most, or should have, is that his emails were not “hacked” at all — to hack is to gain unauthorized access to a computer, using another computer. But Podesta was pfished; that is, somebody pretending to be Google asked on line for his email password and the idiot gave it to them. (Damn those smooth talking devils!) As a result, the country decided that the Democrats were too stupid to govern and gave the election to Trump. Or something like that.

If that doesn’t scare you enough, consider that multiple unnamed sources now agree that the Russians really did hack — that is, gained unauthorized access to — 21 state “election systems,” or, no, wait, it was actually 39 states, um, except that they did not actually hack those states but attempted to, and they succeeded in, oh, several cases. Maybe one.

Dare we ask what, exactly, are these “election systems?” They have nothing to do with counting votes, as seems to be widely assumed, they are the lists of registered voters in the state. And what could the Russians to do that list if they did successfully hack it? They could delete names, or declare voters deceased, or otherwise cause confusion, which would be short lived because the information in the states’ databases comes from the individual counties, which maintain the lists. There are 3,142 counties (or county equivalents) in the United States. Hack away, Boris, you have a ways to go yet.

But wait, (I hear you wail) what about all those fake news stories? Russian bots (which according to the dictionary are the larvae of the botfly, and are found mainly in fresh manure) generated 2.1 million fake Tweets about the election. That is a number that can all by itself set your hair on fire unless you happen to know that about a quarter of a billion Tweets about the election were sent, of which maybe half were viewed. Fake Russian tweets made up one-half of one per cent of the total.

Political scientists have been striving to measure the effects of all forms of political advertising, in order to estimate reliably the numbers of minds, and hence votes, that were changed by all this Russian activity. The results are in. The number is zero.

The talking heads keep marveling at the Russian operation’s “sophistication,” primarily because they knew what swing states were. Anybody who listened to cable news for five minutes anytime during the two years preceding the election knew that a swing state was, and which ones they were. The entire Russian operation was run by Yevgeny Prigozhin, a legendary Russian caterer. I am not making this up, he is universally known as The Chef.

In addition to hacking and tweeting, the Chef sent out secret agents to infiltrate the American heartland, vacuuming up expertise on winning hearts and minds. One of their nefarious schemes was detonated in May of 2016 when they duped a recruit (I am NOT making this stuff up, the recruit was identified in the Mueller indictment as “a real U.S, Person) into standing in front of the White House with a sign reading “Happy 55th Birthday Dear Boss.” When the recruit became suspicious — President Obama was not 55, and his birthday was not in May — the agents admitted that the sign was a greeting for their boss, the Chef, to see on TV live from the White House.  

I do not mean to make light of the seriousness of the fact of Russia’s intrusion into our national election. It does seem to have less to do with changing American policy and more to do with screwing over Hillary, whom Putin hates, but still; it was illegal. But taking into consideration its actual performance, I am moved to echo once again Scott Peck’s famous observation: It is well that evil is so stupid.

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The Russians had no moral limits in what they pumped into the blog world. No lie was screened and the bar on vicious unfounded facts flooded the social networks. Here we had a paid blogger who hit every Florida online newspaper which we can thank Z for showing all the places Markle was spewing his canned lies. I had a neighbor spew this nonsense, and it took me fifteen minutes to lay out real facts and real truths to counter his arguments, but in the end he had been saturated with lies. Propaganda can turn any ethnic group into targets for genocide, as organized campaigns of propaganda work, and have been utilized by every totalitarian regime in history. Putin is a murdering monster, and our sanctions hurt his personal fortune. Of course his attacks made a difference. How else can you explain a scum bag like Trump being elected.

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2seaoat wrote:How else can you explain a scum bag like Trump being elected.

Please keep believing this. The less dems look inward the worse their chances to figure out solutions.

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PkrBum wrote:
2seaoat wrote:How else can you explain a scum bag like Trump being elected.

Please keep believing this. The less dems look inward the worse their chances to figure out solutions.

Do you admit that Trump lost the popular vote by two or three million votes? If so, now that Mueller has made it clear the Russians were actively interfering in our election process, how can you defend Trump who denies that anyone on his team worked with the Russians to knock out Hillary?

Do you really believe Trump wouldn't have sought and utilized whatever help Putin's men offered?

But, considering you are a confirmed republican, and as such, an enemy of the American people, you don't have to answer . . .

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