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The Russians may have penetrated 21 states voter registration data bases

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This is serious and should not be a political discussion of who won or why, rather this simply cannot happen again. The national nightmare has caused more damage to this nation than if the Russians had dropped bombs on America. We have a buffoon as President who will not enforce sanctions against Russia, and who has his hand on our national defense secrets. This tragedy just continues to grow.

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There is no evidence that any of the registration rolls were altered in any fashion, according to U.S. officials.

Voter registration information is pretty easy to obtain without hacking, actually.

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Agree, but the important concept to grasp here is that in those 21 states, all were crucial in this last election. I think in order to make intelligent decisions on future protection, we must fully understand why those states were targeted, and what were the actions and strategy?

I personally think that to fully understand the same, there must be a full investigations and open hearings as to how many people were denied a ballot in the 2016 election, and what was the basis of the same. In those 21 states, were they making it easier for citizens to vote, or were they putting up barriers. I think personally without a scintilla of hard evidence, that the Russians may in fact have hacked this election. However, I will not live long enough to see a real congressional investigation with hearings searching for the truth and future protections against other nations hacking our democracy.

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