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Florida state senator is talking about the panhandle going on eastern time

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Great for all the people who live or work over the Alabama border. Sometimes politicians should have hobbies. Sorry no link,

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Several days old news already. They're also talking about making Daylight Savings Time permanent. So first we'd be in sync with the rest of Florida, and then we wouldn't. And yeah, not to mention that we're practically surrounded by Alabama. Not too bright a move, seems to me, even though, as a sun worshipper, I personally wouldn't mind having Daylight Savings Time extended a little farther on both ends.

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Why do politicians run to reinvent the wheel which is working just fine? There are so many difficult problems which need their attention. Elected officials in Congress spend half the time they did working in 1969 than they do now. Lazy and intellectually challenged has become the standard bearer for a modern politician. I think we need to elect more women to office, because some of these men think it is thanksgiving dinner and they can just sit back and do nothing, and then cut the turkey as if that is important(guilty as charged)

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