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Czar 45 and The Cancer Party's Monday Night Slaughter

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Bernstein: GOP moves 'Monday Night Slaughter'

CNN political analyst Carl Bernstein says FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe's departure and a passing vote by the House Intelligence Committee to release a memo alleging FBI misconduct will be remembered as a "Monday Night Slaughter."

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Trump's damn sure desperate about somethin'. I've never seen an innocent man so terrified of having his name cleared! Wink

The whole memo is moron-bait. It's written by Nunes -- who's so hyper-partisan ran to Trump with info before showing it to the committee he was serving on and thus had to recuse himself -- and it's based on information that he hasn't even seen. It's all speculation of what he thinks is in there. It's the InfoWars of memos.

Then, they deliberately are giving only part of the information out (while laughably claiming "transparency") and holding back the part that would debunk it... all so they create a false narrative to stir up their idiot base (easy enough to do -- they don't understand shit, so you feed them anything and they'll go crazy with it). It's all to soften up the public for more obstruction of justice, and - they hope - invalidate and discredit the FBI before they reveal what they've discovered about Trump... which is looking more and more like money-laundering rather than just collaboration.

It's only going to work for their base, who've made up their minds that Trump's innocent, anyway, regardless of what the actual truth turns out to be. They've gotten "religious" about this -- they want Trump to be their savior so all evidence to the contrary will be dismissed as "heresy." They're basically working overtime to satisfy dullards who were always going to be satisfied, anyway. And without releasing the other memo, they're not going to have the credibility to get far with this one.

Meanwhile, forcing McCabe out's likely to end up a pretty stupid move, since Chris Wray announced that his replacement is going to be David Bowditch, who's as hard-ass and hell bent on justice as Mueller. One of his areas of expertise is tracking down racketeering, and his hero is Elliot Ness because he was untouchable. He was also one of the guys Comey discussed Trump's attempt to get him to leave Flynn alone with. Trump is not gonna be happy facing Bowditch. Very Happy He's going to be wishing he had McCabe back. Bowditch was a SWAT sniper and is used to butting heads with Hell's Angels, Crips, and drug cartels... Trump whining about him on Twitter's not going to intimidate him.

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