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The scourge of TV commercials are invading Northern Illinois

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We are getting all these panhandle lawyers running ads in Illinois. I used to mess with Pap on the old PNJ and called his column the "pap smear". I was shocked to see him and Morgan on a local rural Illinois tv commercials. There were a few lawyer commercials, but nothing like watching the public airways in the panhandle. I have no use for these commercials.

The Oprah syndrome where people look under your seat for the keys to a new car has just permeated our value system. Get something for nothing. The worse part is legitimately injured people get nowhere the compensation they need because of the jackpot mentality taints real injury and real competent lawyers who try to get relief for there clients.

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By "Morgan" I presume you're talking about John Morgan of Morgan & Morgan.   Though he's invaded our area and many others in the U.S. with his commercials and presence, he's not a "Panhandle lawyer" at all but is based in Orlando.  

As for Mike Papantonio, what exactly was he advertising?  His latest book of fiction, or what?   Surprised you're seeing him on air up there and wonder if he's just dogging Morgan for a revenge of sorts.  Morgan has played havoc with established firms in many locales.   Here, Levin Papantonio and other local law firms now gear their ads toward reminding potential clients how long they've been serving the Pensacola area.

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He was taking on a drug company.

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Turn off the TV. Problem solved.

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EmeraldGhost wrote:Turn off the TV.  Problem solved.

That would mean missing reruns, that's what Pat told me. lol!

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