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Get the boxcars ready for those immigrant children

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No longer any confusion. We have had a fascist elected our President. When good people sit by idle, do not be surprised by the horrible results. A child who knew no other country but America, will be shipped out because of a racist president. Quit pretending. He is a nazi.

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Tom Cotton is a POS. He lied that he did not hear the comment. He heard it, but to appeal to the racist who voted for him, and the fundamental Christian vote for his support for Israel, he is somebody who is ambitious and has higher office in mind. He is a wimp ex military who joined the military to perfect his IVY league education, but who has to be more racist that these folks think that immigration which built this country and with a slower birth rate the population is near stagnant can take their trickle down subsidy to the rich and wonder why this economy is heading for the chitter........these DACA kids should never have been a football. If three times a century we offer amnesty to immigrants to clean up the books is not a cause for increased immigration, rather job opportunity.

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