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At another point in the book, he is quoted calling the president’s daughter Ivanka Trump “dumb as a brick.”

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That means war. Aides are trying to convince the President he cannot fire a missile at Bannon.

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Her stunning ignorance about the difference in a tax deduction and a tax credit was too funny. I used to laugh my asz off on Celebrity Apprentice when she would sit on the panel........idiotic. As if intelligence, experience, and knowledge were her birth right. Nope.

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2seaoat wrote:  I used to laugh my asz off on Celebrity Apprentice when she would sit on the panel........idiotic.

Hard to have much respect for the opinions of a person who watches Celebrity Apprentice. YIKES!

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Wolff, for example, writes that Thomas Barrack Jr., a billionaire friend of Trump’s, told a friend that Trump is “not only crazy, he’s stupid.” Barrack on Wednesday denied to a New York Times reporter that he ever said such a thing.

Katie Walsh, a former White House adviser, has also disputed a comment attributed to her by Wolff, that dealing with Trump was “like trying to figure out what a child wants.”

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders added her own skepticism during her daily briefing on Wednesday. “We know the book has a lot of things, so far that we’ve seen, that are completely untrue,” she said. She was not specific, but Sanders added that Wolff’s characterizations of White House operations were “the opposite of what I saw.”

Wolff, 64, has said his book was based on 200 interviews with White House and campaign staffers, including Bannon. He didn’t respond to multiple requests for comment.

His reliability has been challenged before — over quotes, descriptions and general accounts he’s provided in his many newspaper and magazine columns and in several books. Wolff has even acknowledged that he can be unreliable: As he recounted in “Burn Rate” — his best-selling book about his time as an early Internet entrepreneur — Wolff kept his bankers at bay by fabricating a story about his father-in-law having open-heart surgery.

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Trump is an idiot. This is a confirmed fact. What is unusual about people having that opinion? The daughter is hilarious, the sons are comical, and this whole thing is a circus which people cannot wait until they leave town.

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The weirdest revelation about Ivanka is that she apparently has designs on being president herself. I've never credited the sibilant-hissing Paris-Hilton-knockoff with being very smart, but... sheeeezus, she thinks she should be president?!? Based on what?!

I'm starting to wonder how delusion that entire family is. For a while I was feeling a little sorry for some of 'em, because they didn't ask for this and just got pulled into it, but I think maybe I gave them too much credit. Melania seems genuinely miserable at the situation (I'm glad she at least has her own room to escape from it), and Barron's just a kid, and Tiffany's so far out of it she barely seems to consider herself a Trump to begin with, but the rest are starting to look like they got a dose of their daddy's madness. Eric is hilarious because he seems to have absolutely no clue how dumb and ugly he is... he's the punchline to a nasty joke. Don Jr. is a wanna-be Gambino goombah who meddles around in things and isn't smart enough to spot them for what they are. He comes across as a guy who's still waiting for that Nigerian prince to get back to him about that big money deal. And Invanka I had considered to be just a vapid, clueless princess, hissing her S's through her plastic teeth and hoping to move more units of her cheapshit knockoff handbags or whatever, praying that her daddy doesn't embarrass her too much... but, she actually thinks she should be president?

Ye godz.

I almost feel sorry for Trump when he reads about her mocking his hair. Donald is a despicable human being, but Christ, that's gonna hurt. He's a paranoid guy and all he really wants out of the world is approval, and now his own daughter -- one of the only people he genuinely seems to like -- is mocking him to get laughs out of staffers. I actually feel bad for him on that one. I want him impeached or hauled to the thorazine juice-bar, but I'd have spared him that bit if I could. That's going to wreck him hard and ugly.

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His Wharton school of business, and I am a really smart guy routine is laughable when one hears what people really think. Tillerson NEVER denied he called him a F'ing idiot, but the reality is the man is, and PKR may think the book distorts, but in this regard there is almost universal acceptance that we have a moron for President. His brand is bozo the clown meets Barbarino.........what?

I heard an interesting qualifier to a presidential debate. Alex from Jeopardy would ask each candidate in a debate four historical and political questions. An example would be what was the Dredd Scott case about. Candidates would be exposed as to intelligence levels and understanding of how government works. We can never as a nation make this mistake again, and I pray that it is not already too late.

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