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"If we do not take that city, the World Trade Center will just be the beginning"

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Men -- or women -- who are addicted to testing their courage or bravery against others -- particularly in military uniforms, like SEALS or SAS or Rangers, etc., disgust me. They don't realize their desire to perform under stress while attempting to kill other people is fruitcake time. The truth is, any man who feels the need to join such an elite combat group is totally unsure of his or her ability to perform when their lives will be at stake. This is, in every way, a psychological impairment -- a major character fault; a flaw. Men who are confident of their capabilities and sexuality, don't seek to test themselves. We don't need too. I've killed enough animals and have been through enough dangerous situations, here and overseas, to know it's a helluva lot better to have compassion and empathy, than to seek revenge or retribution or danger.

Don't brag to me about your tour of duty wherever, I won't be impressed, and neither will any other thinking person. Show me how you worked continuously for 30 years to feed your family and put your kids through school -- that's REAL courage.

And don't tell me testosterone is a great value. If you do, you are a fool.


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2seaoat wrote:The idea that America's conduct was clean and without self serving interest.....naive would be polite.

I presume you're suffering from some kind of cognitive difficulties. I never said or even implied that American behavior was "clean and without self serving interest". I even mentioned a few of the most egregious examples: Allende, Mossedegh, Arbenz etc.

But, US actions pale in comparison to The Great Terror, using famine as a tool of social control and the horrors of the Gulag. It's not even an apples-and-oranges comparison. It's a sour-apples-and-great-fat-poisonous-toadstools comparison. American sins were numerous and glaring but the sins of the Soviet Union against their own people and the people of Eastern Europe were monstrous and of a different order of magnitude.

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