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Only suckers bet with a bookie, and now they have gone online

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The new thing is online bookies who run their book in foreign countries. My golf buddies bet on sporting events online now instead of calling in a bet to the book. The bookie gave up a six figure career to run book. All my friends lose about 2k a year betting games. It is fun for them, but the bookie probably has three hundred people who are registered users of his portal into the offshore account. He only had one doctor win since he has been running the games from the online site, when the doctor who was a Notre Dame graduate simply bet Notre Dame that year. You cannot win betting sport book. I have NEVER placed a bet with a bookie or sport betting site, or in Vegas. It is simply stupid in my mind. I love to follow sports, but after playing five card pinnocle on Friday, one of the players explained that after 20 years of betting on the phone and now online with this bookie, he finally sent him a check for 1k and told him he was done. The bookie cashed the check and then credited his account about five years ago with about 500 dollars. My friend used the credit.....started doing it again, and over the last five years lost ten thousand to the book. Too funny to listen to those guys pick the winner in the Birmingham know you have a problem when you are betting on the Birmingham bowl.

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