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Does anybody use WEMO smart plugs?

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1 Does anybody use WEMO smart plugs? on 12/19/2017, 5:31 pm

It appears that for about thirty bucks you can control an electrical outlet remotely from your smart phone. They have indoor and outdoor plugs. I am just wondering how happy they were with this remote appliance plug.

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Daughter and SIL have almost everything locked into a computer link. Lights, alarms, sprinkler system, pool, etc. I hate it....I could not even turn the porch light was scheduled to turn off at 2am. That is just too much unnecessary crap.

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We have been having trouble with trespassers when we are in Florida for three weeks between my shots. I am looking for some options which will allow us to catch people as they go over to the islands. I think I will pick one up at walmart just to play with it. It looks like we are heading down after new years. I need to visit an aunt in Birmingham who is in the nursing home.

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Motion detection trail cams.

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I have used trail cams, but they are not real time, and I can catch the trespasser when I return to Illinois. However, we have used ring successfully, but people realize with ring we are not home. We are looking to turn on spot lights and have a speaker which will allow us to while talking to a trespasser turn more lights on. Actually, the ring light is close, but we want to flip lights on in the house and outside the house after getting a motion detection from a camera which will go to our cell phones. We get that with the ring on the front door, but we need a more interactive causeway alarm system for trespassers. Last year there was a fire ring thrown in the river and our canoe was dragged down by the river. We want to catch these bastards as we suspect that they are connected to the grandson of our neighbor.

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SIL can view the house and turn on lights from his cell phone.

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7 Re: Does anybody use WEMO smart plugs? on 12/19/2017, 10:15 pm

We can do that with our ring, but we have found when using the ring that people know we are not home. The very ad campaign defeats the possibility that someone is home. We want to create the illusion that we are at home and controlling lights inside and outside the house. The ring light also tells people.....hey guess what....we are not home.

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