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LeBron James Could Form the Superteam to End All Superteams in Houston

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In all likelihood, LeBron is headed for his third Finals loss in four years to Golden State. Warriors vs. Cavs could have been this generation’s version of Lakers vs. Celtics, but LeBron never had the supporting cast to make it a fair fight. He needed a superhuman performance to beat the Warriors once, in 2016, and they didn’t even have Durant then. He averaged 33.6 points, 12 rebounds, and 10 assists on 56.4 percent shooting in last year’s Finals, and Cleveland still lost in five games. LeBron in Houston is way scarier for Golden State than anything he could do in Los Angeles. It would be good for everyone. Overwhelming dominance is only so interesting. Even the Warriors seem a little bored this season. The NBA needs someone who can challenge them, and LeBron has only so many years left that he can play at his current level. He needs to go somewhere they won’t be wasted. He needs to go to Houston.

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James kills team play, but more important Hardin is a terrible defender and the a ddition of James would kill any chance of them winning. The simple truth is never in NBA history has someone been so focused on stats, and so oblivious what is required to win championships. Team play and defense. As Bosh is hard. Kyrie has proven what everybody has known for a decade who know basketball.......thriving to be the Buffalo Bills is not going to cut it so all his talent chasing to make up for what he could never accomplish cannot hide the simple fact. James will not win another ring. He should have had one, but even wanabees can get lucky.

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It was a miracle heave that went in that allowed even that one over San Antonio.

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