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Sears catalog

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1 Sears catalog on 12/8/2017, 5:30 pm

I remember as a kid that we got a sears catalog each year before Christmas. As kids we would look at the toys and other items. I remember before my father died ordering tadpole nets and then going to the sears to pick them up. It was a simple time. My third grade granddaughter has learned how to look at things on the internet. My mother after graduating from high school in Birmingham got accepted in the American Academy of Art which now has DePauls law school where she got an associate degree in commercial art and was employed by sears specializing in hands for ring, glove and other personal items which were for sale. Her drawings were in all the sears catalogs for years before she became a full time mom.

My wife's house was a sears kit home, and was a really neat house. People would actually order their home from sears. I have not seen a print phone book, or catalog for almost ten years. The internet has changed the way kids approach Christmas with their wish list.

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2 Re: Sears catalog on 12/8/2017, 6:21 pm

Yeah, I miss those. We'd look at them all year, and then when the new one came out, I'd use the old ones for ballistics tests. A brass-jacketed hollowpoint .22 LR would make it almost all the way to the underwear section... Smile

I like shopping online, but there's definitely something missing in it. I still love places that send out catalogs. I get a lot of 'em from Edward R. Hamilton (a really good bookseller) and there's always a couple of those lying around the house.

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3 Re: Sears catalog on 12/8/2017, 6:37 pm

When I lived in Mexico it was common that the poor family I lived with would use my Laredo times newspaper and catalogs for toilet paper. In Mexico they never flushed paper products into their system and would have baskets in most homes where the newspaper or catalog after use was thrown into the basket. They would twice a day empty the basket and burn the content, so it was not quite as bad as it sounds, but I would start to read the Laredo times, and put it on my bed and when I returned from school my paper was in the bathroom.

The computer has saved a lot of paper, but in Mexico it has people using regular and expensive toilet paper. Wealthy nations fail to recognize resources, yet a poor nation use everything which is available. In Pontiac Illinois there used to be this huge Donnley(SP) printing plant which used to print catalogs and phone more.

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4 Re: Sears catalog on 12/9/2017, 10:38 am

Always excited when the catalog arrived.

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