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Grape meet steamroller

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1 Grape meet steamroller on 12/4/2017, 5:10 pm

Took a beating in the quad cities casino. My birthday beat down was historic. Crushed. Even Mrs. Seaoat was not happy in this beating. Still up a few thousand for the year, but ouch...........white flag.

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2 Re: Grape meet steamroller on 12/5/2017, 9:50 am

Next time

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3 Re: Grape meet steamroller on 12/5/2017, 9:57 am

Take heart that your gambling losses will continue to be deductible under the R tax bill.  

(unlike unreimbursed property casualty losses where a Federal disaster has not been declared, or student loan interest ... but hey, what's more important?)

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4 Re: Grape meet steamroller on 12/5/2017, 3:08 pm

I get 1099 on my gambling winnings on tournament wins and large table wins, and would need to itemize what I lost which would be an incredible amount of work which would take the recreation out of it. So I simply pay taxes on my winnings and never offset what I have lost. Right now I am probably around 2500 up for the year. I had three straight years of losing, but being it is my favorite recreation now that I cannot golf, I am dollars ahead with this recreation outlet as I no longer pay CC dues and cart rentals.

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5 Re: Grape meet steamroller on 12/5/2017, 11:46 pm

Just win!

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6 Re: Grape meet steamroller on 12/7/2017, 1:31 pm

Had an amazing cash poker game which allowed me to be the steamroller. One casino has a promotion if you play six hours in a cash poker game on Wed., you get a 120 dollar entry fee in the Wed. tournaments. I have not played six hours of poker for almost a year, and I was comfortable the entire time. I do not know if it is the medical pot, but I am not as aggressive in my play as I am folding twice as many times as I historically folded and it is amazing to see the results. I was always a very aggressive poker player which meant large risks and large rewards, but when I gear that down a notch I become a better poker player. I am looking forward to next Wed. as I get a free roll and I am playing a very tight poker game right now. I hope the comfort level stays the same, but the steamrolling was fun......especially when I am not the grape.

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7 Re: Grape meet steamroller on 12/7/2017, 1:43 pm

Oh, Mrs. Seaoat is telling my daughter how easy I am to live with now. My daughter and wife are just shaking their heads. I am an Oscar. I give a chit about fashion. However, I was on the elevator at Northwestern which the infusion floor is the 21st floor. So many people get on and get off. I tend after my shots to simply go to the back of the elevator and look at people's shoes.

Well this younger woman gets on the elevator with this crisp clean suede shoes with these really neat tapered blue jeans which fit snuggly fit over the suede shoes. Those jeans and shoes just jumped out as such a clean look. It was the combination of taper and the crisp clean lines in those suede shoes. So I told my wife that I am taking her shopping to get tapered blue jeans with suede boots or shoes. I also want to get a blouse or sweater to go with the same. There is much confusion in the seaoat family as word is out that I am taking grandma to Kohls to find that outfit. I believe the jeans were so tightly tapered that they had zippers on the bottom of the leg to snug the jeans around the shoe. I probably will not find the outfit in the middle of rural Illinois as most of the folks at Northwestern only have to walk a block to find the most amazing retail shopping.

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