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infection control at Northwestern Hospital

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It has been a world of change since my last hospital stay a few years ago. I had a room in one of the Northwestern complex hospitals. It was a single room which faced north Michigan and I had a view of the famous water tower mall. The room was extremely clean with a wonderful bath shower combination.

The biggest change I saw is outside each room they had a closet which when the room was occupied they opened the closet door, and before anybody came in to the room they put on a full length disposable smock and latex gloves. They had a large garbage container by the door and every person would strip down out of the smock by the door as they exited and would after removing the latex gloves use hand sanitizer. Every person entering my room went through that protocol. They also did something I have never seen. They have isolated certain fecal based infections which thrive in a hospital environment, and within an hour of your admission they take a large cotton swab and insert in above your annus and draw it up your butt crack to take a sample of the bacteria in your butt. If the bacteria is found which is dangerous, they have a whole protocol to treat the same and isolate the patient further.

I have learned more about my cousin's death. She went into the hospital for her chemo, and apparently she picked up a bacterial infection which spread to her colon and killed most of it before they discovered the extent in less that three days. She died from a super bug. I had a doctor who was a customer who transferred to Atlanta to work for the CDC and ten years ago she said the biggest threat to Americans health is hospital based resistant bacterial infections. I think this is getting bigger than we are being told, and this should not have happened in a normal chemo procedure, and the extraordinary precautions I saw at Northwestern are telling me that the number 8 hospital in America is changing drastically how caregivers enter a patients room and how they isolate each patient.

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