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Veteran's day

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1 Veteran's day on 11/11/2017, 7:57 pm

I guess I am simply an evil person now. I heard vice president pence talking about expanding our military at the tomb of the unknown soldier today welded at the hip with a tribute to veterans. I used to give reverence and respect on this day as my father in law's sacrifices in WWII had me in awe about those veterans who served in WWII. Those patriots are mostly dead now, and we have almost 75 years of unnecessary export of war and killing of innocents. I no longer can hold those emotions. I see how the veteran issues are used to leverage the militarization of America. I have for years thanked veterans for their service. After watching Curb your enthusiasm where the obligatory thank you for your service has gotten so twisted and perverse, that it has become comedic. I really do not understand the new budget adding 10k military personnel more than Trump wanted. 10k more government workers elevated to some special status to sustain the blank check to the military industrial complex.

One of my wife's best friends in high school married a Viet Nam vet who was a president of Viet Now charity for veterans. He was a complete screw up in high school, and after he got back bounced from job to job never sticking to anything except getting together with other Viet Nam vets getting drunk at the VFW and becoming increasing more involved in veteran groups. Well the AG in Illinois went after the organization he was president" days ago - The Rockford charity called VietNow National Headquarters Inc. raised more than $15 million during the past 10 years with appeals to help veterans racked by joblessness and post-traumatic stress disorder. ... Attorney General Lisa Madigan on Monday announced a settlement

We think he is in deep trouble. A screw up before his service, and still a screw up who probably participated in the fraud. I think if someone really wants to honor veterans, they would actively work to stop the militarization of America and stop this almost religious movement which sanctifies MIC and the participants in War. Let's work to end war and war profit and slaughter of innocents. I wish I could return to that happy place where I could thank a veteran for their service and mean it.....not just say it.....but honestly mean it.

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2 Re: Veteran's day on 11/12/2017, 11:24 am

We just read the paper and this guy got whacked by the Illinois Attorney General.  About six current or former officers of Viet Now can no longer handle money for any non profit.  Apparently 27 states have gone after this veteran's support group.  Telemarketers were taking 80% of the money and lying to people where the money would go to medical costs of disabled vets.  Big Trump supporter and gung ho on Iraq.........15 million raised at 20% going to legitimate  veteran needs, or 3 million over about 30 years of collecting money.  My wife is trying to argue that he always was a dumb F, and that he probably took no money from kickbacks, and that this always was more about drinking with his buddies and feeling good about some of the things they were doing with the money they got.  In his defense, the honor flights were a huge local success as WWII vets who I still am in awe about were served by local chapters of Viet Now.  For these frauds and the militarization of America to succeed it requires a cultural propaganda that all things military are good, and therefore I will donate to these good causes.  The truth is that good will only prevail when there are only a handful of veterans, and that cannot happen when you are adding 10k new personnel in the budget above and beyond the President's expanded military budget.

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