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Mad young Mass Shooters and the Stress of Living in America . . .

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Went to a podiatrist this afternoon, and while the doctor was treating me, we discussed the recent surge of mass shootings. The economy, the cost of living, the environment, healthcare, the accelerating costs of college and university, endless and meaningless wars, a dysfunctional government run mostly by old white men, almost all of whom are guilty of receiving corrupt campaign financing, an ongoing war between evangelist Christians and everyone else, Muslim terrorism, and millennials who don't participate -- they don't vote, they don't discuss politics -- they don't listen to network or cable news ... and the stress keeps working.

"Doc," I said. "You know, now if I'm driving and I see flashing lights in my rearview mirror, I'm terrified. I pull over, put my hands on the wheel and wait, hoping the cop doesn't blow me away because my right tailight is broken."

"Yeah," the doctor answered. "I got a ticket two weeks ago with my wife and two-year-old in the car. I did put my hands on the wheel and when he came up his hand was on his gun and he was shaking in fear. He was really scared! I kept my hands on the wheel, told him my wallet was in my back pocket, and that my license and carry permit were in it. My gun and my registration and insurance cards were in the glove-box. Did he want me to open the glovebox?

"No, that won't be necessary sir. Just slow down, okay?"

"Then he went back to his car and drove off. I think the truth is, he considered that a gun was in the glove-box, and didn't want me to open the box. No wonder so many people get gunned down. Our cops are deathly afraid."

"Stress," I said. "Stress. All these recent stories of women who have been sexually assaulted by bosses . . Who are we supposed to trust, to rely upon? Our country is dividing into tribes . . . no wonder there are so many mass shootings and killings."

No wonder. My only hope is that we still have a country when today's generation matures and takes over.

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