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So where was daddy Jesus during the shooting in Texas?

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Maybe it was because one of the churchgoers was gay. Or because somebody took that asshole God's name in vain. Or, maybe it was because Daddy Jesus wanted all those Texans up in heaven to make his barbecue better. This time the shooter isn't a Muslim, it's another white Christian nutcase. Has Daddy Jesus jumped over to Allah's side?

Seriously though, the reason the shooter was successful was because a certified nutcase with a dishonorable discharge from the USAF was able to buy a Texas Ruger assault rifle with a big clip. And he did so by lying on the form. And he was able to get away with it because the fucking NRA doesn't want any law at all to interfere with some maniac's right to kill a lot of innocent people, quickly.

Fuck the NRA and all you Christians need to realize Daddy Jesus doesn't give a shit where you are when a nutcase comes to gun you down.

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