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papa john and the politics of NFL football

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No problem having good old boy Peyton Manning as a papa john spokesman as a SEC sweatheart as the NFL appeals to the SEC followers who have never been real thrilled about NFL football as historically it was never played in the South. However, with expansion there have been some good NFL teams in Nashville, Tampa, Atlanta, and New Orleans as part of the growing success and market of the NFL was the growing southern fan base. When those protestors began, you knew the NFL and the South were in a collision course. However, as officially vowing to never eat another Papa John Pizza after the most horrendous pizza in modern history was ordered from the Gulf Breeze Papa Johns, I am convinced that truly civilized people understand good pizza and good football and Papa Johns represented a return to barbarism and knuckle dragging. I say do not let the door hit Papa John in the asz as they pull ad dollars from the NFL and they can now compete with Chick Filet and flood the sec football media with their least they might sell some pizza to those markets. Like folks in Wisconsin are going to walk into a papa john plastic pie factory when they know good pizza.

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I wish I could boycott Papa John's over his latest idiocy, but I've already been boycotting him for years. Not because of anything political, but because his pizza tastes like somebody ate a bunch of armpits and then puked. It's just flat-out nasty pizza, even if he was the biggest Democrat in the world.

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When we got the pizza in Gulf Breeze my wife and I looked at each other like are we really hungry enough to eat this. We then had about two pieces each and vowed we would never get another pizza from papa John's plastic emporium. The very fact these places are even open are testimony to pizza wasteland, and the fact that most panhandlers do not believe that players should have first amendment rights of protest. It all makes sense that the worm owner would exploit this to try to garner support in pizza wasteland.

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That's rich, a guy from Chicago dissing someone else's pizza! How does Papa John's compare to that deep-dish slop ya'll serve up there?

Papa John's is terrible but at least it RESEMBLES pizza--any similarity between that deep-dish Chicago crap and real pizza is nothing but a coincidence.

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Okay, I'm a Southern girl and I have to confess I have nothing against Chicago pizza because I've never been there. I have been to NYC though, and I had to break down and confess that their pizza AND their sour krout smothered hot dogs were the best I've ever tasted anywhere. I did NOT want to admit such a thing about Yankee food, but the truth was just the truth. I could no longer deny it. I haven't eaten Papa Johns since I found out he was a Trump loving jerk, I haven't bought Chick Fil-a since I found out how anti-gay they were and I no longer want to shop at Hobby Lobby.
Notice I said I no longer want to shop at Hobby Lobby.
Satan forces me into that accursed place about once every couple of months, no matter how hard I try not to shop there. Invariably, I'll need an odd shaped picture frame or a display box for some of the glass I collect and there just isn't anywhere else in Pensacola where you can get the right size of metal and glass bird house for a teal crystal bluebird to hang out on the front porch.
I guess I'll have to burn in hell for shopping at Hobby Lobby, I'd expect no less punishment for subsidizing those insane right-wingers. The crystal bird is very pretty though, and maybe the fire won't be too hot.

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The Gulf coast has some of the best food found in the country. I used to go to Biloxi for this celebration called Gulf Coast chefs......I believe, and restaurants from the entire length of the Gulf Coast brought their specialty dishes. I was in heaven. You paid a flat fee and could browse the entire auditorium perimeter with extraordinary food. However, when you talk about pizza.....there is literate and informed, and clueless.

In regard to Chicago being a deep dish pizza town.....ignorance is bliss. It originated in Chicago, but Chicago is the thin crust king.

In regard to hobby lobby, they just have stuff you cannot find anywhere else.

My greatest wish is to see Papa John pizza patronized by those folks who think the first amendment and peaceful protest are not allowed in America. That would be poetic justice, because the vast majority of folks who follow the NFL are from civilized areas and understand eating plastic pizza.

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My recommendation is that you google John Schnatter.

The dude is a scumbag.

The NFL thing is small potatoes.

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I read he started in his dad's tavern selling pizza in KY and IN. That tells me the whole story.

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2seaoat wrote:In regard to Chicago being a deep dish pizza town.....ignorance is bliss.  

If ignorance is bliss, Chicago must be the happiest town on earth. Take, for instance, that mess they call a "Chicago hot dog". Who puts tomato slices on a hot dog and what on earth is that neon green stuff? It looks--and tastes--like it ought to come with a hazardous waste warning.

The cops in Chicago are the most openly corrupt police force ever. I had a Chicago cop explain the drill to me once: When you're getting a ticket, the cop takes off his hat, leans in the driver's window with it and you crumple up a twenty and toss it in the hat. When I said, "Can't you get arrested for trying to bribe a police officer or something?" he laughed in my face.

And the airport! My God, it's like hell with moving sidewalks, the worst municipal airport on planet Earth!

Don't even get me started on the Chicago School of Economics and Milton Friedman. Yikes!

Chicago isn't really a city, it's an open sewer full of people--easily the worst large metropolis on the American continent.

"No fries, chips, no Coke, Pepsi" says it all.

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You do not like Chicago hot dogs........there are two kinds of people in this world. Those who enjoy Chicago hot dogs, and those who sweep their caves each morning.

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