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cool fall season invades the midwest

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1 cool fall season invades the midwest on 10/14/2017, 6:33 pm

We are having one of those wonderful rainy fall weather where the leaves are changing rapidly and after four weeks of no rain, it is a slow all day cold drizzly day which makes you enjoy the college football even more. So many upsets and hot comfort food all day.

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And how are the colds/flu/whatever you and the missus had?

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she is still getting massive drainage as we now believe she is allergic to the dog which presents a major problem. I used the maple syrup medicine under my tongue last night and any sinus drainage which made it to my lungs had medicine, and this morning for the first time in months, I did not feel my lung tumor. I have not felt this comfortable in years, and I am only using half dosage. Clear cognitive functions but still pretty warn out. I am trying to unpack the rebuilt bobcat hydraulic drive motor and just five minutes of peeling the box back and I was exhausted. I hope this project of getting the bobcat back in operation will get my energy levels back to the normal range.

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Pretty terrific that it damped down the lung tumor pain. That's a wow.

Has your wife ever had a pet allergy before?

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she has always been suspicious, but after my daughter took allergy tests and was allergic to dogs and had really been having problems the last four years since we got the pup sisters with my daughter keeping one and we have the other which likes to sleep at my wife's feet on a king size bed. She has never been able to stop the sinus infections since we got the dog......the dog and her are linked at the the dog was on my bucket list, but my wife is totally attached to this dog.........we are thinking of getting some advanced air filtering systems, but when the damn dog sleeps at your kind of defeats the purpose of a filter.

The good news as I am going to call the bobcat dealer to change to brass hydraulic filters and put our rebuilt motor back together.....we are simply worn out, and will assist, but for the warranty on the motor to be good we need to change the filters and flush the hydraulic system, and rather than get in a spitting match if it fails, we will have the bobcat dealer flush they hydraulic system, change some internal brass hydraulic filters, and connect the rebuilt pump up and put on the track. We are pretty worn out with the fevers and colds last week.

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Sounds like a very wise decision to get some help with the Bobcat. Certainly no shame in that!!

Don't know what the answer is as to the dog but sure hope something can be worked out.

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Still not past the flu, but the good news is that Bobcat will send out a service person who will change the brass hydraulic filters, put our rebuilt drive back in, and then put the tracks back on.......that was going to be a real challenge even if both my wife and I had not been slammed by the flu, but the good news is that I will have an invoice showing that the hydraulic system was flushed, the two brass hydraulic filters were changed so if the rebuilt pump fails they cannot blame anything we have done. They will make a service call before Friday......waiting for new hydraulic fittings which this was I know I am getting correct fits.

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It's starting to get chilly down here in the big dumb state of Miss'ippi, too. And I hate it. I'm one of the (apparently insane, if I can trust the general consensus of everyone I talk to) few who actually like 90 degree weather. I pretty much keep a cold all winter long, so... yeah, not looking forward to it. Everybody's getting aches and pains, too. One friend's back and neck have been cricking up really bad. With me, it's hand pain, probably mostly due from punching a few people in my misspent youth. Didn't know I'd be paying for it 30 years later...

But, it'll get colder if I like it or not, so, I'll get resigned to it. I'm already having to sweep up acorns in my driveway, to avoid lawsuits if nothing else. Those things knock people down like a floor full of marbles... and as soon as I sweep up one batch, another comes down. 'Tiz the season of constant struggles! Smile

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I have to apologize because fall has always been my favorite season of the year. My husband came home from work today and the first thing he said was "It felt good out there today." He just got the jump on me before I could say it.
I love sweater weather best of all because it goes long with football, hayrides, Halloween and my favorite holiday of all, Thanksgiving.  After that, it gets just too cold.

I never rake, if I did, I'd probably hate fall too. I "mulch" up the leaves, the acorns, all that stuff. If it's on the ground, it gets ground up with my John Deere.

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Spent the day cutting grass on the has been months, and we finally had a week of rain where grass is actually growing after the July floods. I hope I can get the bobcat repaired by Saturday as I will begin soil conditioning and seeding about twenty acres. It was such a beautiful day as the dust was low because finally the land is moist and grass is growing again.

We are going to stay in the quad cities for dinner and poker Tuesday night. My wife does not like gambling in any form, but really enjoys the quality of the restaurant we will be having dinner, and she loves the hotel. I have to be back early wed. to possibly have the bobcat tech come wed, thurs, or friday. to change brass filters and install the drive. If we can get three weeks before heavy frost, the grass seed will generate, and the best thing for us would be a late november or early december foot of snow which will protect the new grass.

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And now we have our first cold front of the season, with 15-20 mph north winds whistling past our folded accordion shutters outside my office window, and nighttime temps falling through the 60's for the first time in many months.

It amazes me how the human body acclimates. After having spent 30 years in New England and the Midwest, one would think tomorrow's predicted continuation of stiff winds, but under sunny skies with temps in the mid-70's, would sound like heaven...but instead I'm kinda dreading our bike ride and thinking about long sleeves. My husband actually mentioned a sweatshirt! We are such Florida wimps now, after 17 years by the southern sea.

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12 Re: cool fall season invades the midwest on 10/17/2017, 10:07 pm

Gorgeous days.

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