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Heart of disaster: California wildfire evacuees return to a wasteland

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This is definitely worse than being in a hurricane or even a tornado. At least people who experience those can sometimes find personal items in their yards or neighborhoods after they are over.
My brother lives in a town called Rosemead. He called me night before last- he said they are 35 miles from the fires so he feels fairly safe. He said the smoke in the neighborhood is really thick though, and being 74 years old is no way to be when you can't breathe outside your house. Rosemead is near the fires at Anaheim in SoCal, and they aren't quite as massive as the ones up in the north.
Also, day before yesterday it was 90 degrees where they live. People move to California for the weather and this is not what is normally advertised. It hasn't been in a couple of years now.
We were out there in June of 2016 and the temps in LA were 110 degrees. We towed our camper and in Tucson where it was 120 degrees, our dogs would not get out of the truck to pee. The surface was too hot for them to step down on. Tires were popping from the heat and the plastic heels on my sister-in-laws shoes melted when we went to visit Olvera Street in LA. We had to stop and get her more shoes.
Global warming isn't all the funny in California right now.

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Simply horrific. Now being called among the deadliest wildfires in California history.

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