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Another pro-life hypocrite bites the dust

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I heard he's going to resign now. Hope he doesn't let the door hit him in the butt when he walks out.

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Inside Tim Murphy's reign of terror

The anti-abortion lawmaker's abortion scandal was just the tipping point. Former aides say abuse inside his office was rampant.

Ironically, Murphy’s swift collapse came not because of text messages he sent to a woman with whom he was having an extramarital affair, encouraging her to have an abortion as first reported by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Tuesday. In fact, fears among senior Republicans about a potential wave of negative stories on how Murphy ran his congressional office were what ultimately pushed him out the door.

Multiple top House Republicans during the past 24 hours pressured Murphy to resign once it became clear that the House Ethics Committee might have to investigate allegations tied to his reported mistreatment of staffers. Numerous GOP sources were aware of systemic problems in Murphy’s office, including high staff turnover, which had been the topic of gossip and speculation for years.

The Post-Gazette had reported on a June 2017 memo in which Murphy’s longtime chief of staff, Susan Mosychuk, warned the Pennsylvania Republican that he was mistreating and “harassing” staff, causing 100 percent turnover.

“It was one of the worst places I have ever worked in my life. There was screaming. Intimidation. Nothing you ever did was right,” Nick Rodondo, Murphy’s former district director, told Pittsburgh radio station KDKA’s “Marty Griffin Show.”

This is a perfect example of the conservative mindset. They are congenitally incapable of empathy.

This is why racist, reactionary scum like PkrBoy, ALTLEFTDOOFUS, gatorfan and JoaniePhoni must be shamed and shunned and pushed to the margins of society. Conservatives are all terrible human beings.

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There is a general hypocrisy within the Republican Party which has evolved when it stopped being the Party of Lincoln and became the party of Dixiecrats. However, some of the finest people I know are fiscal conservatives and social moderates. Not all Republicans are Dixiecrats. There are still many good people who have to deal with this guy and your guy Gaetz everyday. It used to be the truth could be told, but today.......I am not convinced if this guy was not pressured by other Republicans that he would have spun this and continued. A President who has married three times and brags about grabbing women certifies that there is no low which cannot be sold by propaganda.

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Oklahoma senator resigns after being charged with sexual battery

OKLAHOMA CITY – "An Oklahoma senator who was charged with sexual battery has resigned from the Oklahoma Senate.

Sen. Bryce Marlatt, (R-District 27) was named as a suspect after an Uber driver reported an assault earlier this year.

According to the police report, an officer was approached at the Oncue at N.W. 23rd and Santa Fe by the Uber driver, who told him that she was unsure what she needed to do, but had been assaulted on Monday, June 26.

She stated that “she drives for Uber and was transporting a customer when he made advances on her during transit.”

The report states the suspect “was grabbing her forcefully and kissing [victim] on the neck while she was driving.”

Earlier this month, Marlatt was charged with sexual battery in relation to the case.

On Tuesday, Marlatt turned himself in to the Oklahoma County Jail on the charge.

Several hours later, it was announced that Marlatt was resigning from the Oklahoma Senate.

In a letter to Gov. Mary Fallin, Marlatt said that he is resigning from his seat immediately.

“My service on behalf of the people of Northwest and the panhandle of Oklahoma has been the privilege of my career. I would like to thank my constituents, friends and most importantly, my family for the confidence they have placed in me and the kindness they have shown me during my tenure,” Marlatt wrote.

Marlatt is a Republican senator who represents voters in Beaver, Cimarron, Dewey, Ellis, Harper, Major, Texas, Woods and Woodward counties.

Now, many are wondering how long it will take to elect a new leader of Senate District 27.

“We have been made aware that Bryce Marlatt has resigned his seat in the Oklahoma Senate, effective immediately. The people of Senate District 27 deserve a senator who is focused on their needs and concerns rather than his own personal and legal issues- and they deserve to replace him as quickly as possible. Therefore, we are calling on the governor to promptly set a special election at the earliest possible date to fill Bryce Marlatt’s now vacant seat,” Oklahoma Senate Democratic Leader John Sparks said in a statement.

Marlatt is the latest state official to resign from his seat amid controversy.

In February, Rep. Dan Kirby resigned from the Oklahoma House of Representatives following an investigation into sexual harassment allegations.

In March, Sen. Ralph Shortey resigned after being arrested and charged for engaging in child prostitution.

A month later, Sen. Kyle Loveless resigned amid a criminal investigation into embezzlement.


These are all state level representatives (3 senators and 1 rep.)...all 4 have resigned this year. It's systemic.

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Wow, and here we thought Chicago was the traditional hotbed of corruption.

But Oklahoma???

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