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HBO Curb your enthusiasm starts a new season

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With the Roku, I get my Sunday HBO delayed, but I will stay up tonight to watch the first episode. Larry David is a genius. I never looked at Jerry Seinfeld the same after discovering his writing genius. I feel the series lost something when his wife Cheryl was gone via divorce. The spousal tension would have my wife and I in stitches.

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I've never watched the show but when I saw the ads with Brian Cranston and Julia Louis Dreyfus on them, I definitely plan to start watching this season. I've seen snippits before, but just not watched an entire episode. It seems very funny.

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It has been a top five tv show for almost a decade with him taking unbearable time off from the series. I liked it much better when his wife was not cut from the series. It just is not as good of a show without her dealing with her hits home.

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I think I saw that Julia has cancer.

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PkrBum wrote:I think I saw that Julia has cancer.

Breast cancer.

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Thought the first episode was pretty funny. Guess dotard was foisted on America.

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Larry getting involved in a Lesbian marriage was priceless. However, I think this episode became tedious with the growing theme of all woman yelling at him. It was much much better when it was subtle disdain and not the yelling. I hope the next episode will be better, because I was a little bit disappointed.

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I thought it was good, so I went back and watched episode one of season one. One thing I noticed was how much healthier Larry David looked back then than now- and especially that he obviously had his natural teeth then and now has perfect whites (either dentures or caps) in the front of his mouth. Odd what we notice about aging-your teeth sometimes get better when you get older. Mine have too.
10 years do take a toll, and I could probably have done totally without the shower scene in the new episode. LOL, there are more than enough old farts at my own house to look at without looking at them on TV.
At any rate, I plan to watch a couple more episodes tonight before American Horror Story comes on at Nine o'clock.

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