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PETITION: Ban Monsanto's new super poison

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Well it is airborne in Illinois. We have not had rain for about three weeks which is great for farmers at harvest time. They save drying costs on their beans and corn, but the combines stir up dust as they harvest which becomes this airborne cloud of dirt, fiber from the crop, and plant material which simple gets so thick it is like a forest fire. My wife's allergies are off the chart as she has draining sinus infection which will not get better until we get a drenching rain to know this crap out of the air, but all that poison is airborne and people are breathing it in......cancer is a complex disease, but we certainly should try to minimize the impact of chemicals on our citizens.

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You didn't mention it but, if you do a little research, you find out that this particular Monsanto product--Dicamba, a "broad-spectrum herbicide"--is lethal to all plant life EXCEPT MONSANTO GMO PLANTS!

According to a 2004 assessment, dicamba is 75 to 400 times more dangerous to off-target plants than the common weed killer glyphosate, even at very low doses. It is particularly toxic to soybeans — the very crop it was designed to protect — that haven’t been modified for resistance.

Is this a great country or what?

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