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Aegean Breeze - giving credit where it's due

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We've not been very happy overall with the Aegean Breeze since founder Stavros Varvouris died of a heart attack at age 62 in 2015.  Won't go into detail, but in general the food and, especially the service, have been spotty at best and almost chaotic at times.  Lots of errors.  We almost took it off our regular spots list.

Do have to report, though -- and it could've been a fluke -- that last night's dinner was absolutely fabulous.  We sent compliments to the chef saying it was the best meal we'd had there since first patronizing Aegean many moons ago.

Hubby and I both had the special "catch of the day" - a whole (except headless and tailless) grilled pompano -- sweet, moist, cooked to perfection.   Soup starter was tasty, sides well prepared, staging good if a little slow on the entree, and no ordering errors.  The server did try to give us someone else's tab, but that happens everywhere on occasion.

Pompano was a bit pricey, but fortunately I had a $25 coupon, purchased for three bucks.

All in all, it was a pretty perfect meal and will bring us back for more tries at Aegean.  Fingers crossed.

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It was that!

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Dinner at the Aegean several days ago for granddaughter's birthday.
Steaks were awesome...fork tender. Complimentary dessert assortment was incredible.

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Another date night dinner at Aegean Breeze. We can't eat a whole steak so we split a ribeye, and asparagus grilled and each got a spinach side. I was suppose to order the New York strip... and didn't...but the ribeye was delicious.

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Glad you had a good meal, Joani. I love the very generous and tasty spinach Florentine at Aegean, but ever since recent surgery have not been able to easily digest it for some reason.

And unfortunately, the problems I mentioned earlier as to Aegean have been in evidence more often than not in the time since I wrote about the pompano. The most recent episode, speaking of steaks, was on a Saturday night a couple of weeks ago when, after much discussion, we'd decided to allow ourselves a very rare treat of red meat, and settled on Aegean as the place, since the filet mignon there is pretty much unfailingly good (besides being the healthiest choice, if pricey).

Well, we arrived around 7:30 p.m. and, though the place was not crowded that Saturday night (not like the old days!!), they were out of filet. What??!! So they suggested the NY strip -- which used to be wonderful under Stavros but has been a disappointment since -- and against my better judgment I went along with it, deciding to give it one more try.

Well, both my husband's and my steak were full of gristle and fat, almost all the way around the steaks. Once we found a reasonably lean bite to eat it was very tasty, but tough and chewy - not at all what a NY strip should be. And we ended up with a virtually towering pile of fat scraps at the end. Yes, we respectfully expressed our disappointment, and they apologized and gave us a free piece of kok cake to take home, but....we'll never order that steak again.

It's clear every time we go in there that patronage at Aegean is nothing like it was under Stavros. I can no longer remember when we've had to wait for a table -- and there's a reason for that. I wish these people could get their act together. The place is so convenient, away from the beach crowds in season, and can be wonderful at times --but far too unpredictably so.

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Boy, I sure can talk about food, can't I? Good grief, you shouldn't have let me get started. Ha.

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I respect your dining reviews. I am so sorry your steak was not good. Maybe it was a blessing I misspoke and ordered the rib eye instead of the NY Strip.

Gavin Reagan is the owner and he is always there. Ask for him if you have a problem.

I am in low carb no sugar diet.... BLood Sugar is still too high after my ER I stick with the veggies. Spinach and Asparagus.

Have you been to Brew Ha Ha? They have a new menu item. Grilled Shrimp with collards served over grits. I have not had it but it has had good reviews. I know there collards are very tasty.

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Yeah, Joani, I think it's a good thing you mis-ordered the Aegean steak!

You're wise to stick with low carbs -- I should do better than I do at that (serum glucose runs above normal, some would say pre-diabetic). It gets really boring, tho -- and messes with my home menu, already restricted for decades due to hubby's long history of heart and valve disease. And I really hate that the spinach at Aegean is no longer an option for me. But what it is, it is, I guess.

Haven't tried Brew Ha Ha yet and am not sure if/when. Catching glimpses of the interior driving by, the atmosphere looks kind of....well, awfully bright, I guess. Sort of like a diner, maybe? Anyway, maybe we'll try it out one of these days, but I think I'd have to talk hubby into it due to the word "Brew" in the name. He has no patience with drinking and we always ask almost anywhere we go not to be seated in the bar area. Hey, we all have our quirks. lol

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We had dinner at the Aegean with son and family.

I was debating between blackened shrimp and the grilled pork chops. I ordered the grilled pork chops with mushroom Marsala and the Aegean topping. It was very good even though the sauce is rich. Too much for one person...3 perfectly grilled chops. My son likes fried pork chops so Gavin has them fry his...they looked great. Hubby had the fried oysters and said they were great...just like the oysters at Peg Leg’s. Daughter in law had the fried shrimp and her mom got the shrimp fettuccine.

Very nice evening and very accommodating.

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Thanks for the recap, Joani, and I'm glad everyone had a good meal and a nice evening. We haven't been back to Aegean since my last post and am not sure when we will.

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I understand.

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