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Stats That Prove Trump was Elected by People Who are Clueless About Reality and Facts

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"It’s no secret that Donald Trump’s path to the White House was fueled by lies, propaganda, conspiracies, racism, and bigotry. Millions of people were conned into voting for a hustler who did nothing more than spend his campaign pandering to their delusional, ignorant, and warped view of the world. People who seem to think that what they want to be real matters more than actual reality.

As many have pointed out before, it’s not a coincidence that one of Trump’s largest and most consistent voting blocs were some of the least educated among us.

Taking that a step further, if you go through some statistics in this country (education, poverty, access to health care, infant mortality rate, median household income), the vast majority of the states that performed the worst in every category voted for Trump.

Let’s start with education. According to the U.S. Census, here are the bottom 10 states when it comes to percentage of citizens with a Bachelor’s degree or higher:
West Virginia
Of those 10 states, 9 voted for Trump — Nevada was the only one that didn’t..."

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Yes... those were/are the dnc strategy talkingpoints and propaganda. Did you need a reminder?

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PkrBum wrote:Yes... those were/are the dnc strategy talkingpoints and propaganda. Did you need a reminder?

EXHIBIT A (see above)


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They the sheeple.

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