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In Nuclear Word War Kim's beating Our Own Blowhard!

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Go figure. Our champion of twittered insults is being beaten at his own game by a fat little Korean who can't even speak English. "Little Rocket Man!" "Dotard!" Dotard? "A senile crazy old man." Got it. There ain't nothin' like having an illegally elected president who has convulsions, handling the nuclear code suitcase.

Having won the first round with "dotard," Kim has once again outmaneuvered our Pussy Grabbin' strong man with the dead rat on his head. Our champion snaps out "Little Rocket Man isn't going to be around long." And Kim absolutely checkmates him with his foreign minister announcing at the U.N. that Trump's insult is a declaration of war, which will allow N.Korea to shoot down U.S. aircraft.

Score: Kim Jong Un 2, Trump 0.

The real problem is that for goldenboy who has a ton of money and lots of lawyers to bail him out, there are rarely any real consequences for issuing nutty, teenage-like insults. Attacking Little Marco or Low Energy Jeb is one thing, but prodding a deadly leader who has his own mental and temperment challenges, with each phase bringing us closer to nuclear war is no laughing matter.

Imagine, a few million civilian N. Koreans, and a few million civilian Americans will be vaporized in the war that follows.

Tuck Frump!!

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