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2017 NFL football

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26 Re: 2017 NFL football on 10/9/2017, 8:33 pm

Hallmarkgard wrote:My son and his work people are going to the Bears game tonight.  The owner of the company picks up the tab...400 dollar tickets...Damn  


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27 Re: 2017 NFL football on 10/9/2017, 9:58 pm

My team Won Sunday, but I am very Unhappy with how they are playing. The crowd was screaming WE want Moore, not we want more.
I want Matt Moore too. I've seen enough of Jay Cutler for this lifetime.

Now the despicable Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is threatening to bench any players that he feels are disrespecting the flag. It doesn't matter that their motive has nothing to do with disrespect for the flag, He's power mad and intends to inflict his beliefs on them or they don't play.He needs to paint his face black and ride around in his Caddy one day, just to see how many minutes it is before he's stopped by some Dallas cop. He doesn't have a clue what his team members have faced when they were growing up.
As a lifelong Cowboy hater and also a Jerry Jones hater, I'm not in the least surprised by his repulsive behavior. He's always been a creepy crawly thing.

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28 Re: 2017 NFL football on 10/15/2017, 5:23 pm

I want Matt Moore too. I've seen enough of Jay Cutler for this lifetime.

Now you are going to see what Jay is all about.....three great games......two bad games......three great games. End of season he will be in the top 12 QBs in the league and hard to let go of.........

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29 Re: 2017 NFL football on 10/15/2017, 10:08 pm

Well, he had a decent second half today and they managed to pull out a game over the Atlanta Falcons. I have to admit, I honestly thought there was no way they could win against the Falcons in Atlanta. They were 13 1/2 point underdogs. It was more Jay Ajaii's running that got the win, but Cutler was not horrible the second half. Not horrible just isn't a good recommendation for an NFL QB though. I'd still rather have had Matt Moore play.

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