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2017-18 NBA Basketball

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1 2017-18 NBA Basketball on 9/24/2017, 9:28 pm

I am a MN fan this year. I like coach Thibs. I like the potential for the TEAM. I find the East and the Bulls to be minor league basketball, and I will watch games, but the real basketball is in the West. OK just got stronger.

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2 Re: 2017-18 NBA Basketball on 9/25/2017, 10:22 pm

For all my criticism of LeBron James the basketball player when compared to Michael Jordan, there is one area he has proven to be the goat which in my opinion is more important than being the goat in basketball. I believe few have conducted themselves with more class and determination to work to improve communities than James. Michael was into dollars. James has taken this to a whole new level of respect.

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3 Re: 2017-18 NBA Basketball on 9/26/2017, 12:15 am

I will purchase a one team season NBA pass for the Timberwolves. There will be less blackout issues which caused me to cancel my Bulls one team pass because of the hassles I had with their blackout policies. We get ESPN and TNT so when it is a national televised game, I will be able to pick the same up on those two networks, and when not I can stream the Timberwolves for about a hundred bucks a year......I used to spend much more than that on going to live bulls games for just one game, so this may work out but the blackout policies based on ips becomes a nightmare when I travel to Florida.

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4 Re: 2017-18 NBA Basketball on 9/27/2017, 9:13 pm

I am buying the NBA one team pass for the Timberwolves tonight. I cannot wait to watch them play the lakers Saturday. I want Butler to absolutely swallow up ball and make him look like a rookie. I am so tired of the shoe hype and father's behavior. The only chance the other two kids have is for his father to learn to STFU because every defensive guard in the NBA is going to be licking their lips to make this kid look foolish.

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5 Re: 2017-18 NBA Basketball on 10/1/2017, 7:18 am

Timberwovles are my team this year and they dispatched the Lakers easily and just as I thought, Ball did not do chit. His old man has painted a bulls eye on his kids back which you can bet every team will be looking to shut him down. The Lakers are not good enough yet for him to be isolated, so they will stack their defense and if he is so great, five points a game with lots of minutes will get him high honors as a failed draft choice. Preseason does not really mean that much, but the wolves had balanced scoring as almost seven players had double figures. The warriors lost so again....just preseason.

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6 Re: 2017-18 NBA Basketball on 10/3/2017, 10:46 pm

The Bulls beat the Pelicans tonight. I know it was preseason, but the Pelicans have serious problems with their double post offense. The Bulls suck and if they are beating guess is that they will try to trade their stars before the trade deadline and start rebuilding.

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7 Re: 2017-18 NBA Basketball on 10/7/2017, 12:17 pm

The Cavs are flooded with MVPs, all stars, and some of the best players ever assembled artificially to try to salvage King James legacy.....but the one factor which makes all this effort without meaning.....James will be on the team. If they cannot win with this collection of players, the problem will finally be accepted by all.

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8 Re: 2017-18 NBA Basketball on 10/12/2017, 9:34 pm

Monk was the most under rated draft choice this year. Micahel Jordan is finally going to have a good team. Dwight Howard haters may have a surprise. I put the Hornets as top four in the east, and they will get better.

The baby bulls are nothing more than a CF where the coach will run his running college offense, and then defenses will simply force them into a half court game.

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9 Re: 2017-18 NBA Basketball on 10/13/2017, 6:09 am

Valentine will thrive if the bulls truly turn the offence loose to run.

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