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Explaining the narcissistic rage of the left

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Deus X wrote:Somebody get the dart gun. ALTLEFTDOOFUS is spewing nonsense again.

It's a valiant effort to stop the Clintons... after they're done running for office anymore. They're pouring vast energies into defeating the past.

Next week he's going to take on Santa Ana to discredit his army before it can take over the Alamo. Anything to avoid living in the present... where he and his other brainwashed idiot voters seriously fouled everything up and don't want to face it.

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bigdog wrote:Bill Clinton never did anything without the consent of the woman involved. You can believe all the fake news you want to. Bill Clinton never HAD to force himself on any woman- he's still a very attractive man to this day. The fact is, Bill Clinton's presidency has already gone down in history as a period of economic success, Of general overall peace for this country, and when he left office his approval rating was 20 points higher than the cretin you worship. Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar, is still one of the smartest people on the planet, unlike the non-verbal orangutan offspring sitting in the White House today. He never USED Hillary for anything-they are a political couple just like the Roosevelts were and if that's how they've chosen to live their lives, I'm sorry it pokes you in the  arse, but it's none of your business.

Ask Kathleen Willy or a
multitude of others. How predictable you would excuse KKkLinton.

Kathleen Willey lied repeatedly, and Ken Starr knew she was lying.

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