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What have we become

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1 What have we become on 8/21/2017, 12:05 pm

I went to my youngest granddaughter's birthday Sunday. I enjoyed all four grandchildren for about a half hour when I weakened and went to rest in a lazy boy in the basement. I came up an hour later only to see everybody grouped together in various places whispering.

My daughter has this huge above ground pool which came with the house where my SIL built this massive pool deck and stairs. The kids at the party were going from a bouncy castle to the pool all afternoon having fun. A five year old who was my SILs sister's child was not being watched or monitored by his mother. This has been a continuous complaint of my daughter for the last five years that these children are not being properly supervised when at her house, or when they visit her house in Iowa. Well the child was in the pool on a raft and his brother pushed him from the raft into the water where he panicked and screamed, went down once.......went down twice as adults all instinctively ran to the pool as the mother stood on the pool deck and did nothing as the child went down for a third time, a woman whose daughter is a classmate in a preschool with birthday girl leaps into the pool fully clothed and saved the child while mom just sat on the deck not wanting to get wet. The woman ruined her cell phone, had to leave the party soaking wet and furious that this child almost drowned.

I come up and the party spirit had changed and people were very angry. We left within about ten minutes. My daughter was furious because this is about the fifth incident with the mother and her boys and parties. Some people simply should not be parents.

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2 Re: What have we become on 8/21/2017, 12:51 pm

You can't make parents be good parents. Require the nonswimmers to wear floating or sit out.

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3 Re: What have we become on 8/21/2017, 1:14 pm

Jeez. I can't imagine watching my kid almost drown and letting some other parent jump in and save 'em instead. How would that woman look in a mirror after that? I don't swim much better than a dogpaddle, but I'd've still chanced it if a kid's drowning. Being an above-ground pool it probably didn't require swimming, anyway... just somebody tall enough to lift the kid out.

Some people just have their values screwed up. And those people shouldn't have kids.

I have an old girlfriend who was a biker. I used to see her summers in Penasacola -- she wasn't from there, but she'd visit the same times I did. I still hear from her around birthdays. Anyway, she was abused as a kid and grew up really dangerous, even beat up a bouncer in a Pensacola bar once when he tried pulling her off a drunk that got grabby... Anyway, she's mellowed a lot since, but with adults she has little patience and even a bit of a mean streak. Nobody's more protective or nicer to kids, though. I mean, she choked down a peanut butter and mint-jelly sandwich once because a little boy she babysat was proud of himself for making it for her. That's dedication!

She told me about shopping at Target once and seeing a little girl around three or four years old, crying her head off. She'd gotten lost from her mom and was exhausted from wandering the aisles trying to find her, and people were just ignoring her. I guess they figured they'd get blamed for her crying, or somebody'd think they were trying to abduct her or something, or maybe people just don't give a damn anymore, I don't know... but my old girlfriend was pissed at them for it. She put all her stuff down, went to the little girl and got her to calm down, told her she wouldn't leave her until they found her mom, and then picked her up and carried her all over the store until they did. They found the mom jabbering with some friends... she'd thought her daughter was still looking at toys nearby or something and hadn't even missed her. My girlfriend handed the little girl back, gave the mother a piece of her mind, and left with the little girl yelling "I love you"s at her.

It's good that there are some grown-ups who take up the slack for lousy parents... because there sure seems to be enough of those out there.

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