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I have a great business plan......death cruises

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This is stupid. A better idea would be to freeze the bodies and pack them in dry ice and ship to a cruise port. The bodies would be weighted down with filling a body bag with the frozen body with masonry concrete form. They would be transferred up to a proper deck for a true sea burial. The family of course can party on the money saved on the funeral, and the cremation and sea burial costs would be a wash.

Who knows with all those powerful Venezuela threats that we are facing we could out do the chinese and build burial mound islands out say 100 miles. We could probably do river cruises down the Mississippi picking up families for a ride on a party barge. Heck, you can party a long time on 10-12k wasted on a funeral. Hell, might as well play defense contractor on these strategic burial islands, and contract with the government a 25k a body bag delivered to the island. We can stop those dangerous Venezuelans and I can finally serve my country and show what a bad asz I am protecting America from Ozzie Gullien.

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First of all... you can't be serious. The currents around the tip of South America makes your idea stupid.

Second.... I want to be mixed w concrete and made into a geodesic fish habitat. Let er ride.

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I like your environmentally sound idea much better than mine, but my family is kinda party goers, and I am betting on getting that extra 25k from the Defense Department to fortify this nation, and have a two week river cruise......heck they might stop in Memphis and visit Elvis at Graceland.

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If there isn't a party at my funeral then I've taught my progeny nothing... heh.

The tales of my life will be gone in 50 years... so will your's. Try to gain some perspective.

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I should qualify... i won some big tennis tournaments. Maybe that will inspire descendants as it did me.

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Not if I am part of a barrier island defending America from Venezuela. There would be annual parades celebrating those brave body bags which served selflessly for the protection of America. I can see Mike Pence on his innaugaration speech in 2018 saying ask not what your country can do for you, ask what your dead body can do for its country.

I have been giving this some more thought and I like your idea so much better. This artificial reef could be located in that 100 mile by 100 mile Dead sea which man created off the Mississippi. People could go out and scuba dive and enjoy a new flora and life. Now I understand we lose the defense contract, the family gets less party, and I do not become a hero, but heck.....I like fishing.

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Damn, you really have my mind racing on a better mousetrap. Freeze the bodies and attach them to a pedestal. Using a fiber concrete spray product create a statue to commemorate the decease life with a simple placard which would resist biological attachment, and drop these in the dead sea. Modest people could be dressed prior to be spraying and immodest people could go au natural. You got to get out far enough beyond territorial waters to meet the burial requirements and each statue will be equipped with a salt water interacting battery which will keep the GPS pinging, and allow a closed loop recording about the statue. Scuba divers and fisherman can get detailed guide maps for the best fishing areas. Also to insure that these underwater statues are never taken down, there will have to be something about keeping the black man in chains on the pedestal, or a simple KKK hood to boot. Heck you could even arrange the statues in design patterns.

Again, no party money from the defense folks, and that is probably a deal killer.

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2seaoat wrote:I can see Mike Pence on his innaugaration [sic] speech in 2018 saying ask not what your country can do for you, ask what your dead body can do for its country.

TOO funny (even though you murdered the inauguration word - lol).   Actually one of your funniest threads ever.

To inject a slightly serious note, and only because it brought this up in my mind again as it's come up before:  Does anyone else worry about what the long term, unforeseeable consequences might be of littering the Gulf floor (haven't worried as much about the oceans, being rather myopic) with all these artificial reefs, including sunken ships, etc.?   I don't suppose there'll be any problem in our lifetime, but I can just picture, centuries from now (if the human animal survives that long), some kind of unforeseen complication(s), and people saying that those of our time shouldn't have fooled around with Mother Nature, or some such.  

I dunno; I don't really spend time worrying about it, but every time I see a new story on TV about another group of reefs being sunk, I vaguely wonder.  Am I the only one?  There've been lots of other things we've done to affect nature and later regretted, haven't there?  Like freely pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere without much forethought....?

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