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Taking the granddaughters to downtown Chicago

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My wife and I had a wonderful time taking the granddaughters up to the 95th floor of the Hancock building to the signature room for a lunch. It is really quite the deal if you visit Chicago with kids because their meals are only eleven dollars and if you take them to the observation deck it is more and they do not get a meal. They non stop were asking questions about Navy pier, the water input buildings sitting about a mile off the shore in Lake Michigan, and many questions about how big those pools were on the roofs of lower skyscrapers. What a joy. My wife took them to the American Doll store on Michigan Avenue and they each got a pet dog for their Dolls. They were in heaven as they spent an hour shopping with their MIMI while I got blood work and shots. Here is a photo outside the Hancock Building.

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Beautiful girls. Your memories will be with them forever.

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I have been blessed with illness which is slow and certain. It allowed me to enjoy the last 9 years not knowing when my life would end, but understanding every day when I awaken to not waste that day. My oldest grandson just went to his first grade class, the youngest grandson just went to his all day church preschool, the oldest granddaughter starts third grade, and my youngest granddaughter starts kindergarten.

I remember as if it was yesterday being in Kindergarten and finding a stone in the thin mint girl scout cookies which were passed out to celebrate a classmates birthday. My teacher smiled and looked at that stone, and said Seaoat, you just lost your tooth. So I have been blessed to be part of their lives and influenced them such that their character will be impacted by my stories and input. All four have a great sense of humor, and they light up when they see me with a big.....PAPA! However, this last visit to the hospital they saw how much I struggled to walk and when they were home they both came up and gave me a big hug.....they are old enough to see the reality and I have tried over the last couple years to prepare them for the natural cycle of life. My daughter has told me of their sadness when talking about my health, and that is where it is important that I keep things upbeat and continue to tease and be fun. There is absolutely nothing unnatural about death, and when a young person processes this at an early age like I did with losing my father at 10, I think it makes for a stronger individual.

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You have done amazingly well with your grandchildren.

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As you could not be easier, they are a gift which keeps on giving.

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Awesome view. Your grandkids are lucky to have you and your wife in their lives .

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