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Looking bleak at midterms for Democrats unfortunately

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The Democratic Party is regional. It’s mostly confined to the urban areas and states that touch salt water. That spells certain doom for a healthy party that’s incapable of winning rural areas. It’s not impossible. They’ve done it before, though it was before the toxic ethos of political correctness and identity politics were thrown into the mix. Now, the party’s hard left turn on immigration and abortion is starting to make moderate to right-leaning Democrats, ones who can win in these regions, difficult to find, let alone support. To complicate matters, there are still healthy numbers of Democrats who think that Hillary Clinton won the election, and that the Russians, FBI, media, and the Democratic National Committee were all part of some nutjob conspiracy to kill her presidential ambitions. There’s even more commentaries about not reaching out to Trump voters (i.e. white working class voters) because they’re not needed to win elections. They’ve learned nothing.

With a little over a year left to congressional elections in 2018 the Democratic Party has no chance in this structural election to take back the senate, but has a very good chance to make healthy gains in the house. Here in Illinois at least four house seats won by Republicans are in danger. The crazy Republican governor here is not funding schools after a bipartisan bill was passed, now with only weeks to go the question is will Republicans cross over and defy their governor. It is all but putting the republican congressmen in Illinois on the chopping block Adam kiszenzer (sp) has been more and more vocal against President Trump as he knows that he could be swept out of office with idiotic policies like closing schools.

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All true so true. And with trumps approval rating at 98% and climbing wait what thats for trumpChicken? Nevermind

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