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The Trump-Russia Timeline: VP Mike Pence Edition

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That would've been nice during the benghazi incompetence, irs targeting, and gun running to Mexican cartels.

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Pence has not been truthful, and the timeline clearly shows the same. He knew President Trump was going to fire the FBI director, and knew about the request to do a memo concerning the same. He went on national tv and told us that President Trump fired the FBI director because of the memo. I am not sure he can be caught in the web of obstruction of justice, but he certainly needs to pay a political price for his conduct.

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PkrBum wrote:That would've been nice during the benghazi incompetence, irs targeting,  and gun running to Mexican cartels.

Not even interested in the present and future, are ya?  That's because your guy is in office.  Oh, I forgot, you don't actually like him... that's just a false impression we get based on overwhelming evidence constantly provided by all of your behavior.  Rolling Eyes

Anyway, you're really trying to compare incidents you don't even understand to Russian attempts to subvert democracy?  Sheesh.

Operation Fast & Furious was not what you apparently think it is.  That's understandable, considering your sources of information tend to be liars trying to make a useful fool out of you... but, really, think about what you've been told about this.  That'd be so nefarious it'd be stupid.  "Yeah, let's just sell guns to Mexican drug cartels and make a few bucks!"  Do you really think even somebody you hate beyond reason would be that stupid if that's all there was to it?

Fast & Furious was a sting operation intended to net Mexican drug cartels and put them out of business.  It's a little complicated for your cult-follower little peanut-M&M of a mind, but I'll give you the short form:  What the ATF does sometimes is something called "gunwalking."  They've done it for years, not just under Obama, because -- most of the time -- it works, and they make big busts doing it.  With monitoring, they allow firearms dealers to sell guns to representatives of cartels, so they can track the guns back to their buyers and thus identify and arrest them. It's kinda like cockroaches carrying poison back to the nest and killing the whole colony, ya dig?   It was part of Project Gunrunner, which was started in 2005 (gee, I forget who was president then, but since it's such a horrible thing it was probably Obama, right?)    Yes, the whole thing is a pretty shady practice, but America's always done some shady things to stop bigger threats.  Ever see the movie Sicario?  You should watch that, it'll totally change your views on the CIA.  Anyway, one of the risks of "gunwalking" is that you don't always manage to track every single gun you let "walk."  But the rewards usually outweigh the risks, so, they do it.   Like I said, this stuff has gone on for a while, but this case got noticed, and, suddenly, Sean Hannity types who don't give a good goddamn about this country when they aren't running it decided, "Hey, this'd be a good way to confuse our followers and make Obama look like the devil!"  So, they cooked up a scandal.  And incurious lil' you swallows it down without nuance.

As far as the IRS targeting, the IRS also "targeted" (if you want to call scrutinizing newly emerging groups for tax status... and you do, because that sounds sinister!) left-wing groups, like the Occupy movement.  But, Hannity leaves that out because it gets in the way of the narrative he wants to use to fool his thimblehead fuckwit audience.  And - spoiler alert! -  the FBI and Justice Department both found that there was no evidence of "enemy hunting," but that doesn't matter because facts just get in the way of what you want to believe.  And, anyway, you can always discredit them because "NO NO NO I NEED THIS TO BE TRUE!" etc.

As for Bengazi, Bengazi was a horrible tragedy that got handled messily, as chaotic situations almost always do.  Things always could have been handled better.  But most of the scandal surrounding it isn't nearly as scandalous as Uncle Hannity tells ya.  Yeah, for a few hours they thought it was in response to a video.  Then they soon said they were mistaken about that.  Again, guys like Hannity decided, "Why let that just be an error when our stupid-ass viewers can be fooled into thinking it's a scandal!"  And so, they did, and you obliged, because you are a fucking lickspittle.  Whether it had been in response to a video or something else really makes very little difference because it doesn't excuse anything -- it was still the doing of radical Islamic terrorists (isn't it neat how I said that?) and their reasons don't excuse their actions in any way.   More precautions should have been taken, absolutely, but that's true of every tragic thing that ever happens.   But, people make political hay out of whatever they can find, fairly or unfairly.  That's the world we live in.

That's why people aren't as upset about these issues as you are -- because they understand 'em better.  You've been fed bullshit, so bullshit's all you can regurgitate.

While we're living in the past, I don't guess you'd care to discuss the Downing Street Memo or the Presidential Daily Brief of August 6, 2001?  Or, hey, ya hate selling guns to enemies... how 'bout that Iran/Contra thing, huh?  Why is Ollie Fucking North hosting shows on FOX News instead of hanging from a tree like the goddamned traitor he is?  That's a puzzler, ain't it?  Wow!  I mean, Operation Fast & Furious ain't got shit on Ollie's little games.  Selling weapons to Iran!   Holy shit, dude, how did he ever get a show on FOX when Republicans just have zero tolerance for that kind of... oh, wait, he's a Republican, so he gets a pass.  

See how annoying that shit is when we're trying to discuss current events?  Reagan's dead and Ollie North never got the comeuppance he deserved but I know life ain't fair so, I'm doing a pretty good job of living with it.  (Until I think about it and then, shit, I wish that guy'd been put against the wall like he deserved! Agh!)

Anyway, you wanna play this rehashing old shit game and it never ends, just to divert attention and protect your president.  And I play along 'cuz I'm bored and like writing manifesto-sized posts.  But, it's all pretty silly, ain't it?  So, give it up, dude.   Why not kick off the clown shoes, try manning up, and deal with the current situation with the current president?  You know, the one you "didn't vote for" and totally don't care about and would like to see hang if he did wrong, etc.?

I mean, if it'll ease your mind any, Obama's not eligible to be president again, and Hillary's not going to run again, so... I think you're pretty safe from having to worry about 'em.  The big bad boogeyman & boogeywoman are all gone bye-bye, so, why not trying to address the guy who's in the White House now, y'know, the one who's fucking you over like he is the rest of us?  

Futile trying to get you to hold that guy-you-totally-can't-stand-and-want-held-accountable accountable, I know, but... I'm stubborn, I gotta keep tryin'.

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All of the scandals had committee hearings, and PK intentionally ignores their findings, and continues to simply make unsubstantiated claims which are irrelevant. However, I have waited three years to see somebody prosecuted as he promised. He has no excuses left because justice is lead by a Trump clone who most certainly would have no qualms about bringing a criminal matter against the last administration......come on.....we have entered third world chit, why not make PKs unsubstantiated charges have a little meat on them.....and I do mean little.

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PkrBum wrote:That would've been nice during the benghazi incompetence, irs targeting,  and gun running to Mexican cartels.

Try living in the now.

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