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Here is some information I found to be very informative. The program aired on my local WWNO public radio station and explained the use of news-bots by Russian entities.

Unfortunately, the program is on as I write this so it is not on their site yet (but might be by the time you read this). It likely will be posted shortly so to that end here is a link to the "On Point" podcasts:

Below is part of an introductory paragraph on the site that is following in real time the topics that are trending and most popular. When I first went to the site there was a button that asked: "First time visitor?" (or words to that effect). I clicked on it and it walked me through a short explanation of the various charts shown in the dashboard. That useful button did not show up again so if you visit the site via the link posted here I don't know if you'll see that button or not. Sorry if that doesn't work, maybe it will though.

I found the On Point program to be very enlightening re all the news we're hearing about the influence of news bots being streamed over various social media outlets.

As avid consumers of current event news reports it is essential we understand how those news reports might be influenced to reflect the views of (in this case) the Russians.

Take a look at the dashboard!

Top Themes
Updated on August 8, 3:28 PM
Two stories were trending in Russian influence networks on Wednesday, Aug. 8. The first was a claim by an Iranian-backed militia in Iraq that U.S. forces had bombed its position, killing several members and also some members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. The claim was denied by a U.S. coalition spokesperson. The second story related to the firing of a Google employee who wrote an internal manifesto against diversity. In both cases, users amplified existing hashtags as well as mainstream news content. Influence operations aim to raise the profile of certain themes and issues, but they don't always create the content they amplify.

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