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Fluffer Tour 2017 : West Virginia Edition

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Bald Head to make "MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT" tonight.
Could it be he received that check from Mexico for the wall/fence?
Will they do the chant tonight?

What are we going to build?
A WALL! with some fence
Who's going to pay for it?

Whining to the president of Mexico is not a good look for you SeƱor Bald head.

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From Stonekettle

H. R. McMaster, the National Security Advisor who replaced the short lived Mike "Rubles" Flynn, has publicly announced that Obama Administration National Security Advisor Susan Rice did nothing wrong in the so-called Unmasking Scandal.

<Brrrring! Bbrrrring!>

McMaster: Yello!

Jeff Sessions: Dude.

McMaster: Yeah?

Sessions: You are so fu<ked.

McMaster: What? I told the truth.

Sessions: You are so, so fu<ked.

McMaster: No. He would never ...

Sessions: So fu<ked.

McMaster: You really think...?

Sessions: Check your Twitter, Dude. And update your CV.

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