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Trump may have accomplished the seemingly impossible...

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He may have forced the two parties to work together, a nearly unimaginable feat only two weeks ago.

As Trump Threatens Obamacare, Bipartisan Group of House Members Plots a Fix

In the wake of the shocking failure of the Senate Republicans’ push to destroy Obamacare, over the weekend, President Trump revived his threat to make the individual health-insurance markets implode, tweeting “BAILOUTS for Insurance Companies and BAILOUTS for Members of Congress will end very soon!” (And calling for an end to the legislative filibuster, though that’s not why “skinny repeal” failed.)

Meanwhile, a group of about 40 House Republicans and Democrats have been working on legislation that would protect the health-insurance industry from the whims of our notoriously mercurial commander-in-chief. The Problem Solvers caucus has been meeting quietly for the past few weeks to look at ways to stabilize Obamacare, and according to Politico, they plan to unveil their ideas on Monday.

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It's precisely because of the threat this bi-partisan approach constitutes to the Trump ego that he's become so very strident in the past few days, furiously insisting and threatening that the Republicans MUST come through or else. He absolutely wouldn't be able to STAND a successful legislative outcome that included substantial input from the Democrats, since that would show that the Dems' input alone was the reason for a new bill's success, and not TRUMP with his ignorantly ineffective repeal and replace mantra. Any Dem input also threatens to build upon Obamacare's basic principles, and Trump can't tolerate anything with Obama's stamp on it occupying the minds of America. Gotta be Trump's or nothing! He's so childishly envious of Obama's popularity that it's appalling.

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