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Football causes brain damage as reported by CNN

Should we restrict kids from playing tackle football until 9th grade

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111 brains of former NFL players were submitted for study and 110 came back with brain damage. The doctor said changing the helmets will not solve the problem. The best way to solve the problem is to cut down the time a player is taking hits. They are recommending that youth football be stopped, and that kids can not start playing football until their freshman year in high school. I started playing tackle football in fifth grade. I had one concussion playing king of the mountain and was hospitalized in third grade. My son did not play football and played high school golf in the fall, yet he was a big strong kid who kept being recruited by coaches who wanted him to play football. Should we restrict young people from playing tackle football?

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Sadly... I think so. I love football... and started playing in fifth or sixth grade too. I played both ways until hs. I don't ever recall seeing stars playing defense... probably because I could see the hits coming. I got really nailed on offense often tho... usually from the blind side. I don't know what an answer could be except to limit and phase out the head collisions... period... at all levels. But in hs I was hit from behind several times and the whiplash nearly knocked me out. I remember staggering off of the field a few times... literally out on my feet. But I'd be back in a few plays later. I know things are getting better than that... but there needs to be a major limitation.

Edit: Soccer doesn't allow kids to head the ball until hs now.

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usually from the blind side.

I remember fifth grade tackle football like it was yesterday. Hand me down equipment which was all too big for the players. Kids learning the rules. I played half back because I was the fastest kid in my grade and remember how excited I was about this half back reverse which was play 2-4. I remember how well it worked in practice after I scored touch down after touchdown as the qb would hand the ball to the right half back and he would run like we were sweeping in his direction and then he would hand me the ball and the defensive players were out of position and I would score. About the fourth time we ran that play one of our bigger fast kids figured out the routine and angled me from behind and literally killed me with a blind side tackle. I thought I had died. Everything hurt, and I did not think that was fair. I honestly asked the coach, "Isn't against the rules to tackle from behind"? The coach laughed at me. They showed on CNN that in fact offensive players are showing the most brain damage.

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Wow, 100%. Not much debate on this one.

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