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Why wasn't this posted here: Lynching in downtown Pensacola...

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Despite the best efforts of certain forum members to hide the truth, righteousness and good prevail! Out of respect for their privacy, they shall remain nameless...    but their first initials are P and N.

One hundred and nine years ago this week, a violent mob stormed the Escambia County Jail just before midnight, shooting the sheriff and a jailor before seizing a black man named Leander Shaw.

The mob dragged Shaw through city streets to Plaza Ferdinand VII, where they lynched him.

Shaw was hung by his neck from a lamppost near the Chipley monument at the center of the plaza. There is no historic marker on the spot where Shaw died, just feet from where Andrew Jackson accepted Florida from Spanish officials in 1821 and in the shadow of Pensacola’s then-new city hall, completed just four months earlier.

As Shaw’s body swung from the pole, it was riddled with bullets from the mob below, “fully five hundred shots being fired within the course of five minutes,” the Pensacola Journal estimated.

Aaa-a-ah! Life in Baja Alabama, ya' gotta love it.

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Commissioner May got lucky.

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