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"I’d Like to Report a Scam Against the Elderly"

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The foul fog of elder scam has fallen over the White House, looting Donald Trump of what precious little credibility remains in his possession. No need to panic, though—the perpetrator has been identified. It is Fox News Channel, which has been running its info con on senior citizens like Trump for 20 years, monetizing their gullibility by stuffing earwigs of bogus news into their skulls that they then swap with friends over coffee at McDonald’s—or in the case of the president, tweet out to his tens of millions of followers several times a week.

There's more and it's good!

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FOX's disinformation campaign has done so much damage to this country I don't know if we'll ever know the full extent.  I know a lot of FOX junkies and they're miserable all the time, full of fear about everything and rage about things that never even happened.  I sometimes wonder if Rupert Murdoch wasn't trying to get revenge on America for rebelling against the Brits...

This is worth a look.

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