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Now we are getting somewhere...NY state and special prosecutor are closing in on Manafort and money laundering

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This thing is much bigger than anybody is going to have imagined who does not fully understand the evil and patience of Putin. The guy murders children in a hospital and school, and poses for pictures shirtless on a horse. The good news is New York state has been zeroing in and it is no accident that the US attorney from NY was fired after the President said he would keep him......again clearly the President has shown a clear course of obstruction. I expect explosive Trump reactions in the next week or two.

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My guess is that all federal charges can be pardoned by President Trump, but the state of New York can bring charges which will involve long jail sentences which are pursuant to New York criminal statutes, will have some talking going on right now. This thing is going to blow wide open in the next 30 days. Expect insane behavior from our President as they tighten the noose and we can only hope it does not involve engaging in provocations in regard to war.

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Ahh, they're closing in a Trump too. He bought a $41 million home he did nothing w/ for 4 years and then sold it to a Russian oligarch for $95 million.

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